Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gavin at 7 Months...

Gavin has learned lots of new tricks this month!

*He can roll over from tummy to back, back to tummy!
*He has learned to LOVE being on his tummy!
*He "crawls" backwards (more like scooting)
*He moves from side to side to try to reach objects
*He has two bottom teeth, and it looks like two more are trying to push through!
*He is still learning to sit up, a little wobbly at times
*He is still working on eating, some days are better than others

Yesterday, Gavin's Great-Grandma Elda went along with us to Muskogee for Gavin's hearing test. When we arrived we found out that his appointment was at 11 instead of 1. So we wasted some very expensive gas just to eat at Arbys in Muskogee. I really thought his appointment was at 1, but when I got home and looked on my calendar it was 11. I am loosing my mind. So he wont have his Hearing test til July. When we got home I took some video of Gavin trying to crawl and sit up. He likes to scream a lot, so enjoy!

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Overdue Updates!

Life has been a little crazy! My sister graduated high school! We are so proud of you Kristen! Way to go!

Update on Gavin: Gavin had his pediatrician appointment last week. He got his 6 month shots and he wasn't too happy about that. The pediatrician discussed having him seen by a neurologist to rule out seizure activity, so Gavin will be seeing the neurologist in a week. Gavin also has his hearing test next Wednesday. We don't have any worries about that, we think he can hear great! Thank you for all of the prayers, phone calls, emails and sweet comments. We are blessed!

Update on Daric (see previous posts): Daric is back in the hospital today getting his lung drained. The doctor pulled out over 700cc of fluid, size of a liter of pop! Poor guy! His mom said he is feeling much better now and hopefully they will go home tomorrow. Continue to pray for Daric and his sweet family!

Will post pictures soon!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We are Home...

Gavin is sleeping soundly and he is doing great! The cardiologist said that his blood flow and pressures looked good. So we are just keeping an eye on him and watching for swelling. Gavin has an appointment with the pediatrician in the morning to rule out anything else that is going on. If he continues to have swelling and they rule everything else out they will consider doing a heart cath. Thank you again to everyone who prayed!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Prayer Requests

Today we found out that Gavin has to go to OKC tomorrow for a sedated echo cardiogram. He has had some facial swelling along with other symptoms. He has been doing great and acting like a normal 7 month old, so we haven't been to concerned. But we decided to call the doctor and let him know what has been going on. Please pray for Gavin tomorrow.

Daric is making his way home today! Praise God. He did have some fluid on one of his lungs but he will be taking meds. for this. Hopefully it will all clear up without any intervention. Please pray as he continues to recover and for a safe travel home!

We have some good friends that have a brother who is expecting a baby. This is the email I received today:
Many of you know that my brother and sister-in-law lost a baby girl last August. They found out about 20 weeks into her pregnancy (June of last year) that the baby had a cyst which would continue to grow and eventually end the babies life, which happened in mid-August. After some testing, they were told that it was a very rare fluke thing and the odds of it happening again were very slim. Patrick and Julie are expecting again. She is at the end of her third month and they have just found out that it appears that the same thing is happening again. They plan to check her again in two weeks to see if the cyst is growing or diminishing. By medical odds, things don't look good. We need a MIRACLE that only God can provide. Please pray for them.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day, Gavin is 7 MONTHS and Happy Birthday to Aunt Erin!

Gavin wants to send a special BIRTHDAY shout out to his Auntie Erin all the way in Tennessee. I LOVE YOU AUNT ERIN!!!

Today was a very special day. Gavin turned 7 months on Mother's Day! It was the best feeling having my son sitting in my lap during church today and enjoying all of the Mother's Day festivities. There was a time when I didn't know if I was going to ever bring my son home from the hospital. I thank God for today and for giving me the gift of becoming a Mother. Gavin you have completely changed my life in the past 7 months and I am so proud to be your Mommy!

P.S. Daric was released from the hospital on Friday, but not from Alabama. The surgeon was supposed to give the OK for them to head back home today but I haven't received the news yet. Thank you for the prayers, it is amazing how fast Daric recovered!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Update on Daric

Daric is out of CICU and in a room tonight! Praise God!! Thank you for the prayers, continue to keep them in your thoughts and prayers for Daric to stay healthy and for the family to be able to go home soon.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Prayer Request

Daric, Gavin's heart buddy, had his surgery at 7 this morning. I haven't received an update yet, but PLEASE keep Daric, Dr. Knott-Craig, the Medical Staff and his family in your prayers today! I will update as soon as I hear from Darics Mom.

**Update (Email I received from Darics Mom):

Hello all....Most importantly, Daric made it out of surgery!!!! Thanks for the prayers. Dr. Knott-Craig said that there were more complications than he expected, but the final results look good. As most of you know, Daric's heart is rotated 90 degrees which made this final procedure difficult. Due to this, Dr. Knott-Craig had difficulty determining the best way to "route" his blood flow and get back to the heart. He thought for a moment that this was a happy little boy the way he was and that he would just not do this procedure and figure something else out for the future. Finally, after six long hours, he did determine a way to get it complete and is very happy with the results. Daric is in CICU right now and doing fine. He was so "brave" this morning.....he said, "I'll see ya in a second." We will keep you updated. Thanks for all the prayers, e-mails, calls and support.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers, as we know they still have a journey ahead. Thank you!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Baby Dedication and Heart Walk

We participated in the baby dedication at our Church last month. We made a covenant with God before our Church Family to raise Gavin in the Church. Gavin received a bible from the Elders. It was a very special day! I only took one picture though! Gavin meeting Adalie...
Last weekend we attended the Heart Walk in OKC. We had a team full of family and friends! We had our Team Gavin shirts on and we walked over 3 miles in support of the American Heart Association. It was a beautiful day and Gavin got to meet other Heart Children.
At the Heart Walk Survivors Breakfast with Joshua (Tetralogy of Fallot) and Laura. There were lots of people at the breakfast. I didn't get a picture but we also met Team Jack at the Breakfast. Jack is an HRHS Survivor.
Meeting Daric and Mona for the FIRST time!! Please remember to keep Daric in your prayers. They leave Thursday to go to Alabama for Darics final heart surgery on May 7th. We were so excited to meet them. Daric is such an inspiration!
Mommy and Gavin. Gavin sucking his thumb (one of his latest tricks!)
I have lots more pictures, stay tuned I will download them soon!