Thursday, March 29, 2007


I have been informed that I have had some people worried because I haven't updated in awhile. Sorry.....I have good reasons though! Adam has been in Dallas for work since Sunday, so I haven't had much "me" time for getting on the computer.

The cardiologist appointment went great! Gavin is progressing well! We just have to watch for swelling/puffiness because Gavin's pulmonary artery was narrowing when he had his last surgery. This is why he may have to have a couple of heart caths in between the second and last surgery. He doesn't need to be continuously monitored anymore but they would like for us to spot check him every once in awhile and while sleeping to keep track of his oxygen levels.

I have several prayer request:

Daric- Another little boy who has HLHS. (We get to meet him next month during the heart walk ;) His mother, Mona and I have been "Internet/phone friends" over the last couple of months. She has been an inspiration to me and continues to encourage me daily. Daric will be having his heart cath April 3rd to prepare for his third surgery May 7th. His little brother may be coming down with something and Mona is trying to keep them separated so that Daric will not get sick. Please pray that Daric will stay healthy in order to keep his scheduled cath/surgery. They will be traveling to Alabama for his third surgery (they live in Kansas) so please pray for their travels too!

Sammy- HLHS Survivor who recently celebrated his FIRST BIRTHDAY! He had a scare the other night and his heart rate dropped into the fifties. His mother, Erika has become my main support. We talked a lot from before Gavin's birth to now. As soon as we learned about Gavin's condition we googled all of the information we could find online and we found her website and lots of families who she has encouraged. Sammy just had a sedated echo. Please pray for his health and that he will continue to progress for his third surgery.

Baby Abby- HLHS Survivor. She was born in December and had her first open heart surgery around Christmas time. She is on continuous oxygen therapy now because her oxygen levels have not been as high as the doctors would like. Here is the latest update from her website:
The oxygen is helping Abby's oxygen levels stay elevated, but they are not as high as they hoped. So now it looks like 4-6 weeks until the Glenn. Every week we can wait gives Abby's lungs a chance to develop further, which increases the chance for her surgery to be successful. It has to do with the amount of pressure in her lungs decreasing as they develop. This will allow the blood to disperse throughout her lungs. If the surgery is performed before that pressure adequately decreases, there is risk for water build-up, both around the lungs and in her brain.We are thinking of it like pre-term labor. Having a baby early isn't good because there are complications, but it is manageable. Every week the baby can wait, the better. The same goes for Abby. Every week we can wait makes a huge difference. Please pray that the oxygen lets her make it at least another month until she needs the next surgery.On a positive note, we are managing the oxygen well at home. Anna is doing fantastic and being such a good girl about the 50 feet of plastic tubing running through the house, as well as leaving the portable tanks alone. We are managing to get out of the house with the portable tanks as the weather has gotten nicer. I got a double stroller which makes it much easier to haul this whole show on the road.

Please pray for Abby and her family. Carrying around a baby along with an oxygen tank and monitors can be very frustrating at times. I cant imagine having to do that everyday. Please pray that Abby's lungs will get better and they will be fully ready for her second surgery.

Max-He was born with bleeding on the brain and his parents were told that he would have many problems and may not survive. His mother is such an amazing Christian woman who is so positive!! Its weird because somehow we found each others blogs and we are connected through family friends. He is now 7 months old and healthy. He has had some tests done lately, please pray for the test results to come back normal. And praise God he is doing so well!!!

Ethan Powell- DIAGNOSIS: LEUKEMIA. He was diagnosed in February at the age of ONE MONTH. Please refer to his website at to get all of his updates. He is currently in St. Jude's. His father is such an amazing inspiration to those who read their website as I am sure he is to those surrounding him too.

There are many other children who need prayer too, so please remember all of the children out there who are laying in a hospital bed or at home with life threatening disabilities. I never really fathomed the fact that there are people out there who on a daily basis are dealing with such difficult situations until I had Gavin. Adam and I are so blessed because Gavin has progressed amazingly and we thank God for that every single day. So for those of you who have children give them an extra long hug and kiss tonight before tucking them into bed and remember those parents who don't get that privilege.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Cereal

We are still trying a little bit of cereal every night. He still doesn't seem to like it. He just wants to play. We have tried mixing baby food fruit to make it sweeter, but Gavin is just content with his bottle. We are not in a rush to eat cereal, so no big deal. Gavin has his cardiologist appt. tomorrow afternoon in OKC. We will update then!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Video....

Since I finally figured out how to post a video on here, here is one from when Gavin was barely 2 months old! I started crying when I watched it. He has grown so fast! Enjoy Adams sarcastic reading. ;)

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Photo Sharing - Upload Video - Video Sharing - Share Photos

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

4 Month Shots

Today Gavin had his four month shots, even though he is five months he had to wait 6 weeks after surgery. He was great after the shots. He cried for a couple of seconds and then he was over it. He has been extremely tired ever since. He was so tired today that when we put him in his exersaucer, five minutes later he was out! Here is some video!

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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Today Gavin went to church for his first time. He has been to two night services (less crowded) but it was his first time to go to church on Sunday morning! We got there late and left early. We sat in the back to avoid being around too many people. I think he was amazed by all the people, he looked around a lot. He did very well. It was after church that was another story. He has ended his Methadone once again and is starting to have withdraws. The screaming isnt as bad as last time. Please say a prayer that Gavin will get better and not worse as we go into the week. Thank you!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tennessee Pictures

Gavin is sound asleep as we make our way into Tennessee...

Our friends Jimmy and Emily moved from BA to Tennessee when Emily was pregnant with their second child. Gavin is one month older than Alex. This was our first time to meet Alex. Everyone has been telling us that they look like they could be brothers. It was fun meeting him! (I look horrible, excuse me)

"The Twins"

Gavin in his stroller, something he rarely gets to do, go places!

At Gaylord Opryland

We had a great time, thanks Uncle Jon and Aunt Erin for a fun weekend!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Today Gavin is 5 months old! He is growing so fast! (We had to use my parents digital camera because ours is still in Tennessee or in the mail ;)

Gavin at 5 months:

*He is long and skinny

*He likes to stand (with help of course) for long periods of time

*He is constantly smiling

*HE IS GETTING IS FIRST TOOTH!!! I have thought for the last couple of weeks that he was teething, but last night I pulled his lip down and his bottom gums were puffy, he kept sticking his tongue on there. I gave him a teething ring and teething rag (thanks Uncle Vic and Aunt LeAnn) and he loved it!!

We love you Gavin, Happy 5 MONTHS!

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Been Awhile...

Gavin is much better, he has been so happy lately! We pray that he continues to stay this way and continues to recover from his surgery. We got back from Tennessee last night, Gavin's first road trip (without having to see a doctor). Gavin's Aunt Erin and Uncle Jon live there. We had a great time and Gavin was such a good boy during the car ride. We have lots of pictures from the trip, however we left our camera in Tennessee. So as soon as we get it back we will post some pictures.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Gavin is starting to feel better. He still has his moments, but hey what baby doesn't? Poor guy, he has been through a lot in his 4 months of life. We just want him to feel 100% better! Thank you for the prayers, food, emails, cards and support! Pictures to come soon....

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Prayer Request

Please continue to keep Gavin in your prayers. We spent most of the night and early morning in the ER. Gavin has had a rough last two days/nights, no sleeping, screaming, and just not being himself. They ran some tests, xrays last night and they think that Gavin has intestinal collic mainly because of his withdraw from the narcotics and being put on methadone. Its nothing serious and will hopefully pass soon. But please pray that our baby can sleep better and eat better! Thank you for the prayers and thank you to Papa Ron for holding him all night and for Mimi and Nana for going to the hospital. We are so blessed to have such a great family!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gavins New Trick

Gavin laughed for the first time last night!! His Grandpa Joe was the first person to make him laugh, imagine that?? He did it several times, wore himself out and fell asleep. We have tried to get him to do it today but he hasn't done it since. I started crying when he laughed. Every new phase in his life I am sure will bring tears to my eyes. Here are some more pictures from our "photo shoot" for his 4 month pics. We have had some requests for more ;)