Monday, May 14, 2007

Prayer Requests

Today we found out that Gavin has to go to OKC tomorrow for a sedated echo cardiogram. He has had some facial swelling along with other symptoms. He has been doing great and acting like a normal 7 month old, so we haven't been to concerned. But we decided to call the doctor and let him know what has been going on. Please pray for Gavin tomorrow.

Daric is making his way home today! Praise God. He did have some fluid on one of his lungs but he will be taking meds. for this. Hopefully it will all clear up without any intervention. Please pray as he continues to recover and for a safe travel home!

We have some good friends that have a brother who is expecting a baby. This is the email I received today:
Many of you know that my brother and sister-in-law lost a baby girl last August. They found out about 20 weeks into her pregnancy (June of last year) that the baby had a cyst which would continue to grow and eventually end the babies life, which happened in mid-August. After some testing, they were told that it was a very rare fluke thing and the odds of it happening again were very slim. Patrick and Julie are expecting again. She is at the end of her third month and they have just found out that it appears that the same thing is happening again. They plan to check her again in two weeks to see if the cyst is growing or diminishing. By medical odds, things don't look good. We need a MIRACLE that only God can provide. Please pray for them.


Erin said...

Aunt Erin and Uncle Jon will be saying many prayers for Gavin. We are praying for the sedation to go well, and also that the doctors will give you a good report.

Davis Family said...

You will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. I know God has you and your family in his hands.
Roberta & family

Anonymous said... are in our prayers and hearts.....your friend Daric is home and doing good. We will continue to keep you all in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.

Love, The Voss Family