Friday, March 27, 2009

We are coming home!



Gavin is a much happier camper today! He is glad to be coming home! Gavin is restricted to limited activity until we hear back from the cardiologist. He is in better spirits today, just really tired and not back to his "old" self yet.
Thanks to Elaine for updating and sending out emails. We appreciate everyones prayers!

Update Six

New text:

“Dr. just came in and since Gavin has kept his food down they will discharge him this afternoon. They had a conference this morning and decided that Gavin is definitely ready for surgery within the next few months. He will contact Dr. P in San Diego next week. Then we should hear from him shortly. Thanks for the prayers. God is good!” I’m still trying to get an update on Faith’s own health. I know being able to set a surgery date will be helpful for both Adam and Faith. It brings new concerns, but at least movement forward!

Update Five

Just got a text from Faith.

“Gavin is currently trying his first meal since the cath. Pray that it will stay down so we can come home today. He vomited every bit of fluid he had last night. He is also having a hard time getting around today. Not wanting to walk or move much. They have him on Tylenol this morning. Other than that, his stats are great!!!” So, friends… we know what to do!!

Update Four

I am SOOOOO sorry! Faith text again... and I forgot to let the rest of you in on it!

They are now with Gavin. She said that when they first got together, she and Gavin both threw up... (What a united family!! :-)Gavin is fine. He says his arm hurts, but he's getting gooood meds (morphine). At that time, he was watching Mickey Mouse and eating a popsickle. He's on bedrest til 1100 pm, but then they'll need to get him up for movement and coughing... has some lung clearing that needs to happen.
Plans are still to come home tomorrow.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update Three

Elaine just got a text from Faith.

Doctors are finished with the cath. Pressures look good and ready for surgery this summer. Surgery needs to happen before Fall to avoid RSV season. They coiled the 3 arteries and will just keep an eye on the 4th one. Doc will call California with all the information and they will make surgery plans. Praise God this is such good news!

Update Two

Sending for Elaine via Faith

Faith called at 5:10. They found 3 extra arteries and coiled those off with goal of decreasing blood flow. They are looking at 1 more artery. Currently, the plan is still to just stay overnight. At this point, things look okay for the open heart surgery. It is better to find the extra arteries now than during the surgery. Keep the prayers going.

Update One

Copied from an email from Elaine:

Faith called at 2:23. They had just taken Gavin back.She was unable to go back with him, since she is pregnant. Gavin gets to choose the “flavor” of his initial anesthesia, and he chose “bubble gum”!The heart cath should take at least 3 hours, as this is exploratory to look at everything they can. She described herself as tense, as is her usual during these events. She also just heard from her dr that she has an infection, and will need additional medicine. So continued prayers for her health, as she’s still fighting nausea and now infection. There’s about 20 family and friends there, and they’re grateful for the support and distraction. Ps 119:76 May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heart Cath

Just asking that everyone say an extra prayer for Gavin tomorrow... we will check in at noon for his heart cath. We will post updates tomorrow.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just like Daddy...

Daddy has been out of town for a business trip and Gavin always misses him when he is gone! He goes in our closet and puts on Daddy's shoes, hats and sometimes his ties. I was able to snap this picture as he was coming out in the hallway with Daddy's shoes on.

Great-Grandpa Sam came in town last month for a visit. He came by to eat lunch and see Mr. Gavin. After looking at this picture, I remembered the one we took of Gavin and Sam when Gavin was a tiny baby... complete with matching overalls! Thanks for the visit Grandpa Sam!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa Ron!!!

I love when you hold me...

Kiss me...

Vacation with me...

and most of all support me!

"I love you Papa Ron, Happy Birthday" Love, Gav

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Paxton!!!

Gavin wants to give a shout out to his cousin Paxton... "Happy Birfday, Love ya dude".

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Mimi & Papa's House

This past weekend Adam went to San Diego to help a friend move back here and I went to Texas for Kristen's baby shower. Gavin stayed at Mimi & Papa's and had a blast! Before we left we had to pre-fill syringes with all his meds... it dawned on me that he is on A LOT of medication!

Gavin had a great time, he played trucks and cars, ate popcorn, watched a guy on TV eat a bug and it was "yucky" and cuddled with Papa. It was so funny to listen to him tell me everything he did at Mimi & Papa's.

Other than that we have been at home, just hanging out, reading books and occasionally going potty in the big boy potty.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Gracie Gledhill

Gracie has been under our "Children who need prayers list" since the day she was born. Gracie was born with HLHS and has had some up's and down's since birth. Gracie recently had a heart transplant and her body rejected the heart. Please pray for Gracie's family, Gracie passed away yesterday morning.