Thursday, July 31, 2008


"He is the spitting image of his father..... he looks just like his Daddy....... look at that lil' Adam Jr."..... Every where we go, every one we come in contact with, this is what I hear. Don't get me wrong, I love that Gavin looks like his Daddy, his Daddy is very handsome!!! However, I wanted to show that he looked a LITTLE bit like me when I was his age. One thing is for sure, we both had a TON of hair! Faith @ 12 months and Gavin @ 15 months....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Heart Cath

Gavin's cath is scheduled for Tuesday, August 5th @ 1pm.

People are always asking for specific things to pray for so here are the specifics: Gavin- his stats during the between now and then, that he stays fever free and sick free! Dr. Sperazza (performing cath) and all medical staff that will be involved with Gavin on Tuesday. For Adam and myself- I don't usually ask for prayers for myself, but I have to admit how stressed I have been. I am not the nicest person when I am stressed (Adam and family can agree with that, it's ok, you all can agree :)) For our sanity, that we stay calm and trust in the Lord that everything will turn out perfectly! For our family who will travel with us to OKC. And lastly that if there is a problem with Gavin's heart that it will be fixable and they will be able to take care of it while doing the cath.

Thank you again for joining us in prayer for our son, we truly appreciate it!

Monday, July 28, 2008

So small....

"So Small"... a song by Carrie Underwood.... such a fitting song for Gavin and everything he has been through. We have always been big Carrie fans, especially since she is from Oklahoma. So every time "So Small" plays on the radio, Gavin starts singing along with Carrie....

I have posted the song, for those who have not heard it and I posted Gavin's short version, don't you just love his little facial expressions!!!! Btw, he can really hit those high notes!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Home Again...

Picture: 7.19.08, Isn't he a cutie?!?

Wednesday Gavin was admitted to the hospital and put in ICU because he was in respiratory distress and had some swelling again. He was on oxygen through out the night and completely weened off by Thursday morning. Once he was stable, we were sent to OKC (Gavin originally had an appt. scheduled with them on Thursday) for a look over w/ the cardiologists. So it has been decided that Gavin will have a heart cath sometime next week. He is running a fever and has been since Wed. so they have to wait for him to be fever free. He is much more active/talkative now, so we are thrilled about that!!! We should get a call today to schedule a definite cath date. Will keep you updated and we appreciate your prayers!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

In Loving Memory...

Today, we will attend our first funeral for a baby who has the same condition as Gavin. We have become close to the parents and spent some time with them. It has been great having someone close by to support and to get support from. They are such a great family and Emma was a beautiful baby girl...

My heart is broken right now, I just do not understand. Emma and Gavin were supposed to grow up together and be the best of buds. In their short lives they had so much in common. However, I know that Emma is in heaven now... away from pain, away from suffering. I am sure Jesus rocks her to sleep at night and I am sure she has many heart angels in heaven to play with during the day... Emma, we love you and we will miss you. Gavin sends his kisses and hugs to you. You will forever be in our hearts...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

21 Months!

One Month Ago... Gavin at 20 Months

Today Gavin is 21 months...

His list of favorites are pretty much the same, we have added some:

Favorite Foods:

*LEMONS, I can't believe I didn't put this on his 19 month post, because he is pretty much obsessed with Lemons. I can't stop and get a Tea anywhere with out him shouting "Lemoneee, Lemoneee!" He eats the whole thing, rind and all!

*Cereal, his new favorite is to eat cereal with milk, by him self... it can become quite a mess, but he loves it!

*Ice Cream Cones, if you get ice cream with a cone, he will just eat the cone!

*All kinds of sauces, dips: ketchup, ranch, honey mustard, salsa, cheese dip... he is always dipping food in dips if they are available!

New Favorite Words:

*I did it!!!

*1-2 Jump (he likes to say this while going down the stairs, or jumping in the pool)

*By-you (means he wants his pacifier, I think he is saying Bite You)

*Big Bird

*Choo-Choo (Train)

Favorite Songs:

*If your Happy and You Know It

*This Little Light of Mine

*Elmo's Song

*The Alphabet

Gavin is a happy little 21 month old... we are so proud of all of his accomplishments and what a BIG boy he has grown to be. We love you Gavin!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

We are Home!!!

Gavin is doing much better... long story short, Gavin got a virus/rash, dehydrated and had a seizure. They are keeping a close eye on his heart and the plan is for Gavin to have a heart cath in September. Again, thanks for the prayers, phone calls, emails, and hospital visits... we have such GREAT friends and family! Here are some pictures of Gavin while in the hospital... he is still so cute... even when he is sick!In the playroom at the hospital, trying to pass time by playing an all time favorite-Nertz

WILD HAIR... Gavin after his EEG

Friday, July 11, 2008

Update on Gavin...

Most of you know, Gavin was admitted to the hospital yesterday. The doctors have/are running tests on Gavin. Gavin was sedated for an angiogram this afternoon. He is still sleeping off the sedation, his stats are good. Please keep Gavin in your prayers, along with the medical staff.