Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Good-bye!

The "by-you" (bite you, pacifier) is gone!!!! A little history about the "by-you"... Gavin was off the pacifier with no struggles by the age of 7 months. Then he had a hospitalization and the nurse decided to give him one, which made him re-addicted. So we decided to not fight the battle and let him have it as a comfort thing. The poor kid has been through enough and just needed something that was soothing to him and would be right there waiting when he woke up from a cath/surgery/etc. Adam and I made a decision, once this last big surgery was over we would take away the "by-you" for good. We let Gavin recover, Adam got back from his training and we realized it was time. On Wednesday, Gavin fell asleep in the car with out his pacifier (nap time/bed time is usually the only time he gets the pacifier, but he had regressed since surgery and we were giving it to him more) so I thought I will lay him in his bed and not offer it to him. He laid in his bed and instantly woke up asking for it. I said "no it's time to be a big boy, no more by-you". And wa-la he was asleep again!!! WOW, that was easy... I had been searching and asking for ways/ideas to get rid of the pacifier. But for some reason I just felt it was time and we were going cold turkey. When he woke up, I praised him and praised him for doing such a good job and sleeping like a big boy. Then night time came, he didn't ask for it and went right to sleep. He slept all night and was rewarded with donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast! And, guess what he has continued to do it over and over again! He is constantly saying "I a big boy, big broder, no by-you". Next step big boy bed and potty training! Maybe before Brody gets here, wishful thinking?!?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Every thing measured out perfectly with Brody, he is a week ahead of schedule which puts him at 20w3d and weighing almost a pound! We are still scheduled for a fetal echo cardiogram on July 7th to rule out any heart issues. I have a feeling Brody is going to be a big boy! If he is anything like his Mama and Aunt Kiki, we could be looking at a 10 pounder.

Comparison of my boys (this isn't the best shot of Brody, and I had to take a picture of the picture because our scanner does not work, so hopefully next time I will have a better shot):
Brody @ 20w3d
Gavin @ 25w3d

Monday, June 15, 2009

First day of Bible Class

Yesterday, Gavin for the first time in his life, went to bible class! It was such a milestone for him. I was so nervous about it, I don't know if all moms feel that way the first time they take their child to a class room setting... or if it was just me? He went right in and told us "bye"... didn't even look back! He warmed right up to the class room, teacher and class mates. After class, he greeted us at his classroom door, in line with the rest of the kids, with his "God made..." project. He told us God made "animals, trees and Coweb". Coweb (Caleb) is his new buddy he made in class! I think the rest of the church saw ours and Gavin's excitement. One of the elders made a point to bring it up before the prayer during church on Sunday. He said he was so happy to see Gavin "walk down the halls like a big kid, going straight to his class, for the first time in his life, such a milestone". It definitely brought me to tears. Each time Gavin participates in something for the first time, it brings me back to the moment of wondering/not knowing if he would ever get to have these experiences. Another first, another day of thank fullness!

I took this picture with my phone, so it's kind of blurry!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good-bye, so long...

I have never been so happy to see this truck pull up to the house... (for the last time)

Good-bye oxygen tanks, we will not miss having to travel with you in the car...

Good-bye concentrator, we will not miss listening to your loud noises at night while being hooked up to our sick baby...
Gavin says "so long, it's been fun, but not real fun"...

This is for all you heart mom's (& dad's) out there (I know you understand more than anyone)... after all of the long nights, days staring at this machine, watching the number drop into the 60's, 50's, 40's, the dings and alarms waking us in the middle of the night... calling the doctor or rushing him to the ER in panic every time it happened. 95?!? It literally brings me to tears every time I see his stats now. Never in his or my life did I think I would see this number. God is so good & we are blessed!

Friday, June 05, 2009

6 Week Post Op Appt. Report

Gavin loves to help take off his EKG leads, the tech is always impressed at how still he is and how helpful he is! (He is trying to put on that strong face, this doesn't hurt!)

Gavin had a good report from the cardiologist... still no fluid on the chest and his EKG looked great! They took Gavin off of his non-fat diet and discontinued his medical equipment (stay tune for pictures of the day they come to pick it all up). Gavin will have a heart cath in December to close up the fenestration hole. Gavin will have every 3 month check-ups with the cardiologist for the next year, if all continues to go well Gavin will have every 6 month check-ups for the rest of his life. Gavin will also have labs done every week until the cath to watch his INR levels for one of his meds.

During the appointment we discussed what will happen with Gavin's long term health. There were three main concerns that the cardiologist said to watch for in the coming years. Gavin only has the right side (two-chambers) of his heart which is doing all of the work for what should be a four chamber heart. Basically they watch to make sure the heart and certain valves don't start getting lazy. Of course if that happens then a heart transplant would be the next step. Secondly, watch for PLE, or protein-losing enteropathy, if you want to know all about it, google "PLE after Fontan procedure". Symptoms include diarrhea, stomach distention, swelling. Lastly if Gavin were to have any of the valves in his heart to start leaking they would surgically go in and repair them. We feel that Gavin is doing great now and we will continue to pray that none of these obstacles will come his way! They always try to prepare you for the worst. However, I found that when I worried about the "what-if's, could be's" when I was pregnant... I stressed for no reason because the majority of the complications did not happen with Gavin. On a good note, Gavin will be allowed to play T-Ball & Soccer next year, it's the high school & competitive age that he would physically not be able to play. Golf is always an option! We are completely fine with that and really we just want Gavin to do what makes him happy and keeps him healthy! We think he will just be our little book worm because he is already so smart! Maybe a heart surgeon in the works?? Cute story: yesterday he was telling the nurse what to do next, "listen to heart","blood pressure". He's not even three yet and he is telling the nurse how to do her job?!? The nurse had to prick his finger to get his INR levels for one of the anti-coagulants that he is on. He didn't even flinch or cry... then an hour into the drive home he woke up from his nap bawling "prick my finger, my finger!". So dramatic! Needless to say we are happy to be home and really move on with this new phase of life. I can't begin to tell you how happy and thankful we are, life is good and God is GREAT!
P.S. Say a prayer for Baby Cain (HRHS) and his family, he is having is Glenn repair today!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's Summer time!

Gavin relaxing in Nana and Grandpa's pool... His exact words "I tanning!"
Update: Tomorrow is Gavin's 6 week post op appointment in the city. Please pray that all is going well and Gavin will be discharged from his fat-free diet and all of the medical equipment that has been in our house for the past 2 plus years! Thanks friends!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Pictures

I know I am behind on updating the blog, but here are some pictures from Memorial Day Weekend... The first pictures are from fishing at Aunt "Z" & Uncle "Wayne's" house.

This shot cracks me up! Adam catching a "huge" fish!

Gavin trying out the fishing...

On Memorial Day we pay tribute to our loved ones and those who died for us at war. Each year my mom puts together an arrangement and we place flowers on my paternal grandfathers grave. He was my first and only (so far) grandparent to loose. I wish Grandpa had the chance to meet Adam & Gavin, I think they would all be very fond of each other. Grandpa C passed away in 2000 and I will never forget him. His smile would capture you from across the room. He was always such a good sport, he would allow my sister and I to play "barber shop" with him. He would let us fix his hair (as you can tell our family members have a lot of hair, hence Gavin getting his first hair cut at 4 months old). We would ask him "which side would you like your hair to be combed to today?" He always had "Take me back to Tulsa" blaring on his radio and we would square dance around the living room while he sat in his chair and whistled. One of my favorite memories is me, my cousin L and my sister all fitting into his overalls. He always thought that was funny. He was a big man with an even bigger smile. We miss you Grandpa C!

Grandpa Joe & Gavin MD 2009
Gavin & Grandpa Joe MD 2007
Paying tribute to Great Grandpa C 20072009
Kisses from Mom & Dad 2009
MD 2007