Monday, May 07, 2007

Prayer Request

Daric, Gavin's heart buddy, had his surgery at 7 this morning. I haven't received an update yet, but PLEASE keep Daric, Dr. Knott-Craig, the Medical Staff and his family in your prayers today! I will update as soon as I hear from Darics Mom.

**Update (Email I received from Darics Mom):

Hello all....Most importantly, Daric made it out of surgery!!!! Thanks for the prayers. Dr. Knott-Craig said that there were more complications than he expected, but the final results look good. As most of you know, Daric's heart is rotated 90 degrees which made this final procedure difficult. Due to this, Dr. Knott-Craig had difficulty determining the best way to "route" his blood flow and get back to the heart. He thought for a moment that this was a happy little boy the way he was and that he would just not do this procedure and figure something else out for the future. Finally, after six long hours, he did determine a way to get it complete and is very happy with the results. Daric is in CICU right now and doing fine. He was so "brave" this morning.....he said, "I'll see ya in a second." We will keep you updated. Thanks for all the prayers, e-mails, calls and support.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers, as we know they still have a journey ahead. Thank you!


Erin said...

I've been praying for Daric, his parents and the entire medical team who is taking care of him. I've heard GREAT things about Dr. Knott-Craig. When Todd used to work at Children's in OKC he would rave about the awesome surgeries that Dr. Knott-Craig would do. Daric is definitely in good hands!

KohensMomma said...

They are definately in our prayers!! Please keep us updated.