Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Heart Heroes

Friday evening we participated with the Little Heart Heroes and the Bishop Kelley Football team in raising awareness for congenital heart defects. Gavin had a blast and loved his football player Mr. Tate. Gavin was quite the entertainer again, can you guess?!? HE DANCED! Then he chatted it up with Tate and showed him all of his referee calls, football team chants, etc. Before heading out to the field Gavin informed me that he did not want Adam or I to go out on the field with him... "I do it myself" were his words, aww he is growing up to fast! When they went out on the field to get recognition for being a CHD survivor, Tate was showing him some football stretches and Gavin actively repeated everything. Overall the night was a success! It was a definite tear jerker though; to see all of the survivors on the field and then to watch 8 balloons go in the air in memory of our CHD angels. My heart goes out to each and every one of those families that lost their child in this battle. They are always in our prayers!
Doing their football stretches
Tate & Gavin
Sydney, Gavin & Tanner
Great Granny B & Gavin
Nana & Gavin
Zee & Gavin
Giving Mama some luvin'
Gavin was so excited that Aunt Kiki came all the way from Stillwater to see him!
Look at those Lil' Heroes
Gavin and Miss. Hope (they are trying to be discreet about holding hands)
Gavin hanging out with the guys
Gavin and one of his many girl friends, Miss. Bailey
Dancing King
Gavin had a great time and was so pumped about it that he woke up the next morning telling one of our family friends about his "big football game" the night before.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Gavin's Cardio Appointment

Gavin had a scheduled follow up with the cardiologist on Thursday. We were there for awhile, so Gavin had lots of tricks up his sleeve to entertain us. He was Mr. Chatty with some other kids in the waiting room, showing them how to ride the elephants. Pulling his shorts up to his chest, playing "Do this, do this"- Gavin's version of Simon (or Gavin) says and he danced his little heart out in the clinical room and was showing us the "Hook Em' Horns" sign- needless to say we were at the OU Clinic, luckily no one heard or saw him! He is really into football right now and learning all of the "calls" for each team along with the referee signals that Grandpa is teaching him. Gavin had an echo cardiogram and EKG. The fenestration hole that the surgeon put in his heart at the last surgery has not closed so we made the decision to go with a heart cath to close it in December. We should hear from the scheduler any time this week to get a date. No medicine changes, he did get to upgrade to a pill form for his blood pressure medicine which is fabulous for us- insurance doesn't cover compounded medicines. We are ready for the heart cath to come and go and get on with a more "normal" for Gavin. Such as, preschool!!! We are planning to enroll him in January if all is well. Here are some pictures from our adventurous time at the cardiologist. Next post: Little Heart Heroes Night: Gavin goes out on the football field!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Baby Shower Luncheon...

Our dear friend Mitzi threw quite the shower for Brody this past weekend. We had a yummy lunch, dessert and a wonderful time with family and close friends. I received some wonderful gifts and I believe we are ready and set for Brody to arrive. I had to put the pictures into a video slideshow because we had so many! I am looking rather large now, Adam refers to this as the "swelling phase". ;) Thank you to Mitzi, Kate and Nikki for such a BEAUTIFUL shower... I will remember and cherish it forever!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Beautiful Baby Shower...

Great Granny Barbara, Nana, Aunt Kiki, Mimi & Aunt TataBrody's Grandmothers: Nana & Mimi The Hostesses: Kyler, Heather, Devin & Shannon The yummy treats table
Last Sunday, four of my dearest friends threw me a baby shower at church. Everything was absolutely adorable and they went above and beyond in making it so special. There were lots of sweets to eat, chocolate, cake, brownies, chocolate, rock candy, taffy, chocolate and more chocolate! All of the food items were either brown or light blue in color. It was just precious! Here are some of the pictures from my camera. Thanks Shannon, Devin, Heather & Kyler for such a wonderful shower for Brody. I am so blessed!