Thursday, December 20, 2007

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Since I am way behind on Christmas wrapping, card sending, etc. this will be short and SWEET! I thought I would do a quick post of Christmas last year and Christmas this year. What a difference a year makes!!

May you all have a blessed Christmas and New Year!
Love, Adam, Faith and Gavin

Thursday, December 13, 2007

14 Months

Gavin is growing up so fast! He has become quite a mimic lately. Every thing we do he tries to do or say. Example:We have lots of hand sanitizer bottles/wipes laying around our house. In particular we have a rather large one we keep on the ottoman for a quick hand wash. Gavin has observed us "washing" our hands and started to do it himself. He goes up to the bottle (he can't reach it) acts like he pushes the dispenser and then begins to rub his hands together.

We have started really working on names with people. We have a picture book with family members/grandparents and we point and say their name. But in person I always put my hand on my chest and say "Mama". So Gavin puts his hands on his chest and says "Mama". I laugh every time he does it, so he has started doing it more often. We are working on correcting that, but oh well its too cute!

Weeks ago, Gavin was trying to pull the outlet covers out. I tried to remove him from it and distract him with something else, however, he always goes back. One day I had to tap his hand and tell him "no, we don't touch, that will hurt you". It didn't phase him at all. He went back to the outlet and took one hand and slapped the other and said "no, no". ;)

The other day Gavin was looking at a book and he just started laughing. Gavin has NEVER laughed much. He smiles a lot just no noise with it. It melted my heart to hear him laugh!

Gavin is IN LOVE with his Daddy. I do not exist when Adam gets home. So when Adam is at work I try to enjoy my cuddling time with Gavin.

Here are some pictures of Gavin when we attempted to get a family Christmas card picture. We have a cute one of himself we decided to use instead. Happy 14 months baby boy! We love you!
Starting to get mad...
Fists Clinched

"OK, now I am REALLY ticked!"

(I think Gavin's temper tantrum messed the camera up, we considered using this one if it wasn't so blurry!)

*Adam changed clothes during the photo session, hince the different shirts...*

Sunday, December 09, 2007

"Ho, Ho, Ho"

Gavin met "Santa" for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Gavin calls him "Ta" and attempts to do a version of "Ho, Ho, Ho". No tears for Gavin, but you could tell he was trying to figure this guy out! He just stared at him and wouldn't look at the camera for a picture. So I guess our first official Santa meeting was a success!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Baby Ella

Maxs mom posted about a baby that needs our prayers. Baby Ella was born with type 1 diabetes (one in a million odds). She weighed 4 1/2 lbs. full term. I am adding her to my list of children who need prayer. Her website is

Please keep Baby Ella and her family in your thoughts and prayers!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Boys...

Adam is one in this picture, Gavin almost one.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

To Adam...

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my BEST friend. I LOVE YOU!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So Much to be THANKFUL for...

Happy Thanksgiving... This video shows exactly what I am THANKFUL for this year and every year...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Happy 19th Birthday Aunt "KiKi"!

Hope your day was EXTRA special and you enjoy your NEW car!
I love you, Gavin

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

13 Months

(Eating SUGAR FREE pudding for the first time)

I can't believe it has already been a WHOLE month since your FIRST birthday! Some facts about Gavin at 13months:

Length: 29" (25%)
Weight: 20 lb 2 oz (10%)
Head: 47cm (75%)

You can say:

*Mama (only when we say "BummmBummBum" for some reason it makes you say Mama)




*Pa (for Papa and Grandpa)

*Ball (when you see football on TV or you see a ball)


*Falalalala (we got a children's Christmas sing along CD, he likes Deck The Halls)

*Ahhh (after you take a drink)


*Arf Arf (for a dog)

*You love to scream as loud as you can

*Amen (said it in church when he heard other people saying it!)


Things you do:

*Cry when Dada leaves, you crawl to the door and bang as hard as you can and scream "Dada, Dada"

*Touchdown Signal

*Point to things you want


*Patty Cake

*Sing along when others sing (make sounds)

*Walk around the furniture, however you would much rather crawl

*Dance to music

*You have decided that night time is not sleep time, it's play time, even at 230 in the morning!


Each day makes me realize you are not an itty bitty baby anymore. You have become much more independent, with playing and eating. You love to "explore" the house. You like to see how many times you can get into stuff you are not supposed to before you get removed from the area. You are such a joy and we love you more and more...

xoxo Mama and Dada

Sunday, November 04, 2007

We Are Home!

Just so you all know, Gavin was discharged Thursday night and we have been home resting! You do not get much sleep in a hospital! The EEG showed no signs of seizure activity, so we are thankful for that... the main concern right now is Gavin's heart rate when he sleeps, we should hear from the cardiologist this week. We have an appt. with the neurologist with in the next three weeks. Please continue to pray for Gavin as he will have more tests/evaluations for the enlarged ventricles in his brain and for his heart! Thanks again for all the prayers, phone calls, and visits!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

Greetings from the hospital! Today Gavin had "Trick or Treaters" come and visit him... a princess, horse, cowboy, baby doll, clowns, raggedy Ann and Andy, and more! He got coloring books, crayons, bears, glow sticks and light up toys. He had a fun day! Gavin has been all smiles and an absolute sweet heart! He waves bye bye and blows a kiss to every nurse or doctor that comes in his room. One of the nurses told us how the nurses were talking about how sweet he is, reminds me of when he was born, he really has a way with the nurses! Gavin has had 2 spells but no seizure activity. So far the EEG has been normal. His heart rate dropped to the 50-60 range through out the night, and nurses were in and out, so the adults were without sleep til about 630 this morning. Gavin on the other hand slept all night! We will see the neurologist again in the morning to get details if we can come home tomorrow. Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Halloween Early.....

Gavin says Happy Halloween! Tonight we dressed Gavin up and had family over for dinner. Gavin will be admitted to the hospital on Tuesday for a 72 hour EEG, which means he wont be able to wear his costume on Wednesday. So we thought we would dress him up tonight! I will post more pictures/video from Gavin's birthday party, video from the pumpkin patch, and pictures/video of Gavin painting his pumpkin when we get home at the end of the week!
(Please keep us in your prayers that everything goes smoothly at the hospital, it is going to be hard keeping Gavin still for 72 hours)
Oh and one other side note (since I use this as a baby book/journal, October 28, 2006 was Gavins actual birth due date!)

Pumpkin Patch Part 2

Gavin went to the Pumpkin Patch again, this time with his Nana and Grandpa. Gavin picked out a big pumpkin to paint, rode the pony, and took lots of pictures...

Grandpa Joe let Gavin "back out of the garage" and Gavin thought it was so much fun! He was upset when we put him in his carseat to leave, he wanted to drive!

Gavin and Aunt "KiKi" Kristen
Family Picture
Grandpa and Gavin picking out pumpkins
Gavin saying "cheese" for the camera
Adam, Great Granny BARBARA, and Pepa

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Birthday Party Pics Part One...

Here are a few pictures from Gavin's party... The roses on the table were from Gavin to "his Mommy for giving birth to him a year ago" How sweet! ;)
I will post more pictures and video soon!

Gavin started crying here because he couldn't get all of the icing and cake out of his hands, poor kid, the first time we ever really let him get "dirty" and he didn't know what to do!

Listening very carefully to Mommy as she reads the card..."Sooo many presents, I am exhausted!"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Your Smile


Looking back at photos of the past year, all we see is smiles. You have been through so much in your short life however, you always smile. Your smile brightens our day and helps us to stay positive. Your smile lets us know there is hope. Your smile shows us that you are feeling good. Your smile makes the bad days good. Your smile lights up a room. Your smile is never ending. We love you Gavin and all your wonderful smiles!

Love you,

Mama and Dada

**Next post will be BIRTHDAY pictures, just waiting on pictures from other cameras, we didn't take very many with our camera, because we were very busy!