Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photo Shoot, Brody @ 3 & 4 weeks, Aunt Kiki's birthday, Hook Em' Horns

The week before Brody was born we did a photo shoot with Sara McDaniel (from MO, friend of a friend that came to do pictures). I thought I would share a few, because Gavin is just so beautiful in all of them!!! Thanks Sara for doing such a great job, we need you to come back and take Brody's picture!!!

Gavin doing "GO POKES!"
Last Thursday was the third week of Brody's life. He marked the occasion with his first "real" bubble bath. He loves baths and falls asleep every time...

It's the getting out part that he HATES!

All better now!
Last night we celebrated my beautiful sisters 21st birthday!! Aww, she is getting so old!
Look how chunky Brody is getting, he is quite the eater!!
I noticed that somebody commented back when Brody was born about Gavin signing "I love you" through the nursery window to his brother, he was actually signing "HOOK EM' HORNS"! We have never lived in Texas, nor rooted for Texas, so you ask where he got this from?!? His Grandpa Joe, who is an OU alum. Gavin is really into learning all about football, the mascots, team names, team chants, team everything! His favorite seems to be the Texas Longhorns. Funny story: the day Brody was born Gavin walked into the hospital and saw a man with an OU sweatshirt on, he walked right up to him and put the "Hook Em'" sign right in his face. I don't think the man liked that one bit! Yesterday we were in the car and he saw an OU bumper sticker and again put his hand up against the window and yelled "HOOK EM' HORNS!!" I guess we have a future UT student in the works!
Brody turns 4 weeks tomorrow, so I thought I'd post a picture of my precious boys from today.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Brody is two weeks old today! I can't believe it! I had my post-op appointment today and got a picture of Dr. N and Nurse F for Brody's baby book. Dr. N is a wonderful doctor and he was the first person to find Gavin's condition and sent us to the cardiologist that found Brody's VSD's.

Brody at 2 weeks:

*You love to be on your tummy.
*You love to keep mommy and daddy up all night.
*You love to grunt, cry and make any noise possible.
*You love to be held. (I think we have spoiled you in that area, especially since we didn't get to hold your big brother at all when he was your age, we are taking full advantage)
*You love to be swaddled, but you do not want your hands held down, you will do anything to get them out of the blanket and up against your face.
*You are a "tootin' machine" as big brother says!
*You are very strong, even the nurse in the hospital would tell us how much you liked to raise your head and look around. You have tried to roll over too!
*You are a big boy that loves to eat. You currently weigh 8lbs 15ounces.

Brody we are so blessed to have you in our family. We love you!

"I love to yawn!"
Our favorite nurse.. Nurse F and Brody
Dr. N and Brody

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween Festivities...

The week before Brody was born we took Gavin to the pumpkin patch...
Uncle Jared and Gavin
Grandpa, Gavin & Nana
The night before Halloween Gavin went to "HalloZOOween" with Aunt Kiki & Nana, Gavin had a blast! He didn't cry or get scared when he saw all the "dressed up" people.
Definitely overcoming that fear!
On the spooky train ride
Aunt Kiki dressed up too!!
Gavin spent the night with Nana & Kiki that night, they got up Halloween
morning and carved a "Boo" pumpkin...
Our Astronaut and Our Lil' Punkin