Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update on Gavin... 22 Months...

On August 13th Gavin turned 22 months, can't believe he will be TWO in TWO short months!!!

Gavin at 22 months:

*Vocabulary picking up: words added: "I know, I know" "Bowl", "Cup", "Refrigerator", "Computer", "I don't know", "Spoon", "Fork", "Please", "Prayer" and his all time favorite phrase: "I did it!"

*New favorite songs: "The Alphabet", "Oh Happy Day", "Sound of Music-Do, Re, Me"

*New found love besides Elmo- "CHOO-CHOO's" Everything is about trains!!! He also loves planes and screams "Plane" when he hears one in the sky.

*Foods have pretty much stayed the same, he loves his dairy! We have added smarties, potty training prize!

*That's right we have started potty training, we are at home all day, so we are trying to find things to do! He has made a good start though!! We ask him to go get a diaper out of his drawer and he comes back with underwear, he really likes his underwear!

I am working on an Elmo/Primary Colors themed 2nd birthday, I have never been a fan of "character themed" parties but I broke down and decided to do it... the kid is obsessed, how could I resist? However, it will not be a full out Elmo theme, I am adding my personal touch! BTW, this is just my personal opinion, please do not get offended if your child has all character themed parties! ;)

I thought I would share what is going on with Gavin's health:

Yesterday Gavin had an appointment with the cardiologist. During his heart cath they coiled off some vessels around his lungs and they think that Gavin's vessels around the lungs are not working properly. They are starting him on a medicine to dilate the blood vessels in hopes of decreasing the de-stating issues. The doctors are keeping an eye on the blood clot in his neck (via ultrasound). They also sent Gavin home yesterday with a halter monitor to observe his heart rhythms, rates, etc. during the day and while he sleeps. Hopefully we will learn more about what is going on with this test. The cardiologist told us yesterday that they feel that Gavin would struggle through the next surgery if we don't get these issues under control before surgery. So they have given us a tentative time frame of Spring of 09 for his 3rd open heart surgery. We go back to the cardiologist in October. Please continue to pray that these issues will be resolved very soon!


For Aunt Kiki...

Since you requested to see pictures of your nephew, I decided to make a blog dedicated to you... Gavin wants you to know that he is still the same little boy he was when you left for college. He also wants you to know that he misses you!

He still loves bath time...

He still LOVES to cheese it for the camera...

He still cries and gets upset when Daddy goes to work...
He still likes to throw temper tantrums...

He still loves to go outside and play ball...

He still loves to curl up with Dada and take naps...
He still loves his "by-you" but he is down to having it only at "night-night" time... he thinks he needs to go "night-night" a lot in order to get that thing in his mouth!!
He is still working on going potty in the toilet, he cries when we flush and say "bye-bye potty"...

Aunt Kiki, we miss you and hope you are having fun and studying hard while you are at school!

Oh, Gavin wants you to tell Kali he says "hi, and thanks for letting me take a nap in your room!"

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We are Home!

It is 3:00pm and we just arrived home... Gavin is resting... Thank you for your prayers and we will keep you updated as we hear what the next step will be from Gavin's doctors. GOD IS GOOD!!!

Update on Gavin

Gavin is doing well this morning... currently watching Elmo and trying to take a nap. Ok, so let me try to explain what they did yesterday during the procedure... They did not have to do the balloon or stint so that is a great thing! They did find a blood clot on the right side of his neck, doctor said it was in a vein that goes down, so the clot could not travel to his brain... it could go to the lungs, however Dr. S is not concerned about that and he feels that it has been there for awhile and will dissolve over time with blood thinners. They will continue to watch it and if need be they will do another heart cath after his Fontan surgery to get rid of it. Secondly, there were some vessels that grew to his lungs that they had to coil (spring looking thing, that cuts off vessels) off. Otherwise Dr. S. feels that his blood flow is great and they will have a conference on Friday to discuss Surgery date. Gavin has been on antibiotics, had a chest xray this morning, we are still waiting on the results. He is supposed to have an EKG and and Echo cardiogram this afternoon. Other than that he is doing great! Will keep you all updated.... Thanks again for all of your prayers and well wishes, means a lot to us... sorry we haven't had the time to respond to each of you individually. But again, thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Update 3: 8:19pm

We are in a room now...

Gavin is doing well, we will give you all the details later... just know that your prayers worked and Gavin is sleeping peacefully right now!

We appreciate all of your love and support!

Update 2: 4:48pm

Nurse just called, Gavin is doing OK, they are still looking and taking pictures.... will call us back with a new update

First Update: 2:58pm

Gavin just went back for the heart cath, later than scheduled.... Doctor said it should take 2 hours.... keep the prayers coming, will update as soon as we hear from the doctor.