Sunday, May 20, 2007

Overdue Updates!

Life has been a little crazy! My sister graduated high school! We are so proud of you Kristen! Way to go!

Update on Gavin: Gavin had his pediatrician appointment last week. He got his 6 month shots and he wasn't too happy about that. The pediatrician discussed having him seen by a neurologist to rule out seizure activity, so Gavin will be seeing the neurologist in a week. Gavin also has his hearing test next Wednesday. We don't have any worries about that, we think he can hear great! Thank you for all of the prayers, phone calls, emails and sweet comments. We are blessed!

Update on Daric (see previous posts): Daric is back in the hospital today getting his lung drained. The doctor pulled out over 700cc of fluid, size of a liter of pop! Poor guy! His mom said he is feeling much better now and hopefully they will go home tomorrow. Continue to pray for Daric and his sweet family!

Will post pictures soon!


Anonymous said...'s your buddy Daric just checking in on you. Hope you are doing okay...I am back home and feeling better.


Max's Family said...

Glad to hear an update on Gavin! I hope the neurologist appt. goes well next week - we'll be praying!