Thursday, January 31, 2008

That's right he is WALKING!

Gavin started officially walking, at all times, last Monday. We are so proud of him! He gets so excited when he walks that sometimes he starts running and face plants. He also likes to scream and clap once he has walked for awhile. Especially if you didn't notice him doing it! Gavin's home nurse/physical therapist are so proud of his big accomplishment. They also think he is very smart. We think so too! He sits long enough to watch the Elmo segment in Sesame Street, but after Elmo is off he wants nothing to do with it! He has formed a love for Elmo, he got the Pizza Elmo from his cousins in Arizona and he has two Elmo books. He got an Elmo bib from his Aunt Tara, but he just likes to look at it and scream Elmo at the top of his lungs. (It sounds more like EEEEEEEMO)

Gavin experienced his first encounter with snow today. I took him out long enough to take two pictures and then we were back inside. It was way to cold!!! He screamed when the snow was falling on his gloves and he was trying to put some in his mouth. He really enjoyed the snow.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Update on Atticus

A couple of posts ago I wrote about Atticus (heard about him through Hunters mom), well today he received a new heart and as of right now is doing well. God is good!!!! Please keep Atticus and his family in your prayers, along with the family who lost their child and is giving Atticus a new life.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Last month Gavin experienced his first trip to Shoguns. Shoguns is a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant (they cook the food in front of you). We went with Gavin's Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Kiki, Bubba and The Montgomery's, very close family friends. We have had a Christmas meal and exchange gifts with them since as long as I can remember. Our families met when their oldest daughter and I were toddlers. They are among Gavin's many prayer warriors, and Mitzi has spent many nights with us in the hospital with Gavin. They are a very special family! Here are some pictures from the evening.....
We were a little hesitant about taking Gavin because of how long it takes to prepare the food and to eat. However, Gavin had a blast. He laughed, clapped, screamed and threw his hands up, especially for the fire!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

15 Months Already???

Time flies... I say this a lot. I just can't get over how big my "baby" is getting!

Gavin's Favorites:


*Itsy Bitsy Spider

*Attempting to repeat everything you say

*Picking at my "moles"... he says mole and picks at it!


*Swinging his hand in the air when we sing songs in Church. He has watched the song leader do it, so he feels the need to do it too.

*His Daddy!!!

*His new "Pizza Elmo"

*His new wagon

*Cell Phones


*DVD player (which he has already broken from opening and closing it so many times)


*Purses (Adam doesn't like this one)

*Tickling other people

*Looking at belly buttons

*Bath time

Gavin's not-so-favorites:


*Getting his nose wiped (has had a runny nose for awhile)

*Diaper changes

*Clothing changes

*Riding in the car

*Getting his hair fixed (he wants to do it himself)

Gavin has such a sweet personality, he is learning more and more everyday. He loves to "talk" and watch other people. He really is a good baby and we are blessed to have him as our son!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Maddie and Atticus

There are two more children I have added that need your prayers! The first child I found out about through Maxs Mom. Maddie was 2 when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her family has now been told that there is no more treatment available for her at St. Judes. They are now at home spending precious moments with her. Please visit her site and keep her in your prayers.

The second child is Atticus (found out about through Hunters Mom). Atticus has HLHS like Gavin. Atticus had his third open heart (Fontan) and is not doing well. He has had lots of ups and downs with this surgery. They are trying to make decisions right now for him to have a Heart Transplant. Please keep him in your prayers!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Well, let's just say we are THANKFUL it is a NEW YEAR! 2007 wasn't the best year for us. We had a lot of ups and downs emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially. However, we can honestly say we would do it ALL over again. Why? Because Gavin is still with us and that's all that really matters. When I look back at what Adam and I went through the last year it doesn't really compare to what Gavin experienced. Within the last year in a half our son has had two MAJOR open heart surgeries, a stroke, spells, several heart caths, EEGS, MRI, CT, ER visits, hospital stays, physical therapy, speech therapy, doctor appts. and so on... We are amazed with his strength, his endurance. And just to think he has to go through a lot of this again and again through out his life. Looking at Gavin makes all the other "issues" in life seem so small. With that being said, I pray that 2008 brings another year with Gavin! May you all be blessed in the New Year!