Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Cereal

We are still trying a little bit of cereal every night. He still doesn't seem to like it. He just wants to play. We have tried mixing baby food fruit to make it sweeter, but Gavin is just content with his bottle. We are not in a rush to eat cereal, so no big deal. Gavin has his cardiologist appt. tomorrow afternoon in OKC. We will update then!


Alison said...

I finally found your blog! Your journey inspires me and fills me with hope for Abby's near future. I would love to chat with you sometime, because you are the first person who I feel really "gets it" if your know what I mean. My email is I keep Gavin in my prayers daily.

We skipped cereal with my first, she wanted nothing to do with it :)

-Alison (Abby's mom)

Anonymous said...

The pictures are so cute! Give those sweet cheeks a kiss from me!!
xoxo Mitzi

Erin said...

Gav Bear looks SO BIG in these pictures!! Jon even said, "Man, he looks like a little dude." Too bad he's not liking his cereal yet. I thought your idea to mix fruit in it would help. At least he's taking his bottle!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little guy.
We also have a little one going through the surgergies. Glen stage was postponded in feb-- still waiting for a date. I hope that everything goes well, you are in my prayers.
you can visit our web page
Hunter's mom Drea

Anonymous said...

Hello...just checking in on your sweet little Gavin. He'll get the hang of the eating thing when he is good and ready....just keep trying! He sure looks cute in his big boy chair!!! Wondering about the appointment....I'll check back in soon or email you!
Love, Mona Gayle