Sunday, March 04, 2007

Prayer Request

Please continue to keep Gavin in your prayers. We spent most of the night and early morning in the ER. Gavin has had a rough last two days/nights, no sleeping, screaming, and just not being himself. They ran some tests, xrays last night and they think that Gavin has intestinal collic mainly because of his withdraw from the narcotics and being put on methadone. Its nothing serious and will hopefully pass soon. But please pray that our baby can sleep better and eat better! Thank you for the prayers and thank you to Papa Ron for holding him all night and for Mimi and Nana for going to the hospital. We are so blessed to have such a great family!


Kimberly said...

Poor sweet Gavin! We will definetely be pray'n for him (as always). As foryou guys as well. Many of my friends have mentioned they read your blog and are so encouraged by ya'll's strength and of course are charmed by Gavin's pictures. His pictures are a ray of sunshine in my day.

jouette said...

oh my, how cute is he (love the haircut pix) - your little sweet man is in our prayers, i hope he feels better soon.

tama said...

Adam and Faith,
Hope this gives you comfort, the Prayers are still being said for you both and that precious baby Gavin. I hope it will start getting better soon for you to enjoy that little laugh and his big smiles. Gavin is so blessed to have you and those wonderful grandparents.

love ya,

Davis Family said...

Scary business eh? We will pray that Gavin will improve and that you all will get some rest.

God Bless you all - Roberta & family