Monday, February 05, 2007

Surgery Day

Gavin was taken back around 10 am this morning for his surgery; the doctor came out around 2:30 pm to say he had finished the surgery and that Gavin was doing well. The surgery took longer than expected because the new shunt (see postings from January 24th & 25th) was under the breastbone instead of on the left side of the heart so the doctor had to reposition the shunt; this wasn't expected so it took the doctor longer to perform the surgery. Currently, the nurses are trying to stabilize his blood pressure. Gavin will stay heavily sedated and on the ventilator for the rest of today; the plan is to start weaning him off tomorrow. Adam and Faith have been to see Gavin and they seem to be holding up as well as can be expected. The family appreciates all the prayers being said and support being provided! Please continue to pray for Gavin's recovery, for Adam and Faith and for the doctors and nurses attending Gavin. God is good! - Aunt Tara


Anonymous said...

Dear Faith, Adam and Gavin...So happy for the news that the surgery went well and We will continue to keep Gavin in our prayers as he recovers from his surgery! Keeping Mommy and Daddy in our thoughts and prayers and praying for extra strength for you both!

Daric sends "heart hugs" to his "heart friend"!

The Voss Family

erika said...

I'm so happy to hear that the surgery went well!

You guys are in our thoughts!

jouette said...

prayers and love to you all~sweet Gavin is in my family's thoughts deeply tonight.

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the update! We will be pray'n hard. Let them know we love them!

Shannon said...

Sending your family good vibes, healing thoughts and prayers for Gavin's recovery and excellent prognosis.

Tama Davis said...

Just wanted Faith, Adam and Gavin to know that you are in our prayers. It was so good to see you Sunday and give you a hug before you left to go back down for the latest surgery...remember my arms are still wrapped around you every day and hugging you through this difficult time. So happy the surgery went well. Keeping you in our thoughts. Thank you Tara for keeping us all posted. All our love, Bryan and Tama