Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Recovery Update

Gavin is still sedated and the doctor and nurses plan on keeping him sedated through the night and will try to start weaning him off the ventilator and medicine tomorrow. The nurses are still trying to stabilize his blood pressure, as it has peaked several times today. Gavin is also running a low grade fever that the nurses are trying to control. In addition to these issues, Gavin's right lung collapsed during the surgery. A chest x-ray was done this morning and still showed the lung as collapsed. The nurses are giving him breathing treatments, as well as other respiratory therapy and another chest x-ray will be taken tomorrow morning. According to Faith, the doctor wasn't overly concerned about the collapsed lung and was confident that respiratory therapy would correct it. That's the update for now - will post again as soon as I get another update. Keep praying! - Aunt Tara


Tama Davis said...

Adam, Faith and Gavin still praying for you and still hugging you and holding you tight in my arms (got em wrapped around you right now... letting you know i'm thinking about you all!


Anonymous said...

Faith, Adam and Gavin...keeping little Gavin in our thoughts and prayers tonight.
The Voss Family

Albert & Codie said...

Just wanted you guys to know we're thinking about you right now and sending prayers your way. If you need anything, please call us any time. We know Gavin is strong and is giving you guys the strength to get through this!