Tuesday, November 21, 2006

update 2 on Gavin

Gavin was admitted into St. Francis last night. He is dehydrated so doctors want to keep him for a day or two. Please pray for Gavin to get well soon and please pray for Faith and Adam as they are very tired.


Burnettes said...

Please remember that the doctors are very cautious right now...that precious little boy is where he needs to be...under the watchful eyes of the doctors and nurses...Adam and Faith...take a deep breath; try to relax; remember God is in the picture and feel His hand on your shoulders; lean on Him...we love you all...Bruce and Karen

Narissa said...

Gavin is lucky to have 2 wonderful parents that will sacrifice for him. God gave him just the right parents to take him through his journey of life! We'll pray and let our class members know so that all can be praying that he will be fine and you will get some rest and be strong! We love you - Mike and Narissa

Erin said...

I hate that you are having to face another hurdle, but just like Karen Burnette said, Gavin is definitely where he needs to be right now. Let the doctors and nurses use their expertise to help Gavin get better, and let God comfort you and give you the peace and rest that only He can give. Prayers are being said in Tennessee on Gavin's behalf. Love you!!