Monday, November 20, 2006


Thanks to all who prayed for Gavin yesterday. He seems to be much better today! We had to take him to the hospital because of vomitting and diahrrea. We were concerned because if Gavin doesnt stay well hydrated it can cause his heart to not function properly. We are taking him to the peditrician today and they may do an ultrasound to rule out some kind of stomach thing that 1 month old boys get (Very common) sorry I cant remember the name. We will be stuck in the house for Thanksgiving, but we dont mind, we will be putting up Christmas decorations, Adam is so excited ;) We will post more pictures soon! Happy Thanksgiving!


Burnettes said...

Thanks so much for the update...please keep that precious boy isolated so he can stay healthy...just remember his little imune system is so fragile right now...we love you all and will be thinking about you everyday...Bruce and Karen

Narissa said...

Kim and Adalie are here for the week - She just asked and we read your blog update - we're taking food to your mother and father-in-law's today - if you need something for dinner - they have plenty to share ! Stay well over there -

erika said...

Faith -

It tooks us way too long to learn that Sammy had a severe intolerance to milk, soy and egg. He, too, was vomiting, had bloody, mucousy diarrhea... not sure if this is what Gavin has.

Sammy was breastfed for the first few months, and we ended up switching him to Alimentum shortly after learning of the intolerance. He was a completely different kid after! Just something to keep in mind.

Hope he's feeling better!