Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Gavin is Home Again!!

We were discharged from the hospital this afternoon. Gavin is doing much better! The doctors believe that he had some kind of stomach virus and that he was dehydrated. I told the doctors that we do not take him anywhere, except for appts. and to OKC, he said that he could get a virus from just sitting at home. Gavin had a rough day on Monday, when I pulled up to the peditrician office, Gavin was gasping for air in his carseat, he started to change colors, I screamed at him and tapped his foot, he let out a gasp and started crying. The doctors believe that this was not due to his heart condition, they believe it was because he is sick and was choking because he was congested. But I was prepared to do CPR, and I am thankful I didnt have to!! Thank you for your continued prayers and support! Please continue to pray for Gavin and that he stays healthy!


erika said...

SO glad you were discharged and can celebrate the holiday at home!

Desiree said...

Hope you three have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving! I'm sure you will because you have Gavin to be thankful for! Love you guys