Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Update

Gavin had a good night last night. The doctor gave the family an update this morning and said everything was looking real good. The doctor is planning on leaving Gavin's chest opened until this weekend (to allow the swelling to decrease) and then will close him up on Saturday or Sunday. The nurses said that they have been able to decrease some of his medications but everything is on Gavin's schedule - they will increase or decrease medications as needed. Family has been able to hold his hand and can feel his heart beating through his hand.

It was mentioned that if anyone wants to donate blood, you may do so in Gavin's name - that way if the blood is a match, Adam and Faith won't be charged for it.

God is good and keep praying!


Shannon said...

That's great news!!!

We're praying!

Love, the Koeningers

Desiree said...

That is awesome news! I'm so happy to hear that!!

jon said...

what is his blood type?

Burnettes said...

Praise the Lord! - God is definitely on this young man's team and wants him to be a part of all of our lives. We had a special prayer for him at the church campout last night. Thanks so much to Tara and Ryan for keeping all of us who care posted. Love to all of you.
Bruce and Karen

Erin said...

Praise God for the improvements and good news today!! Last night had to be tense and emotional, and I hope you don't have to experience anything like it again. I will continue to pray for Gavin, his awesome parents, his awesome family, and the medical team. God is definitely answering all of the prayers!!

BTW, do you know what blood type Gavin has?

Auntie Erin

Erin said...

One more thing...

A big thank you to Aunt Tara and Uncle Ryan for diligently updating the blog and posting pictures. I know we all appreciate it!!