Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Update II

Gavin is continuing to improve. He is urinating frequently - which is exciting to the nurses. And the nurses are starting to wean him off the carbon dioxide machine. They are continuing to monitor his blood pressure. He is responsive to voices and touch but he is still heavily medicated. A family member is staying with him at all times but all parties involved are encouraged by his continuing improvement.

For those asking about blood donations, Gavin's blood type is A+, but any type is accepted. If you ask for it to be donated under Gavin's name (this can be done at any blood donation center), Adam & Faith will get a discount on their account, even if Gavin can't use it. One Perk - If you choose to donate at the Oklahoma Blood Institute, you get a free OU or OSU t-shirt (at least at the one in OKC).

God is good and keep praying!


erika said...

Yay, yay, yay! This is good news!

I'm hopeful and happy for you guys!

erika said...

Hey -

Jay donates regularly - he's O+, which is compatible with Gavin. If he donates up here and gives Gavin's name, will you guys get the "credit" for it?


Tamara said...

We are praying for your family and for Gavin's "sick heart". We send lots of love your way and pray that you are home soon.
Tim, Tamara, Aubrey and Melody

Tim Walton said...

Gavin seems to be doing well, making little steps toward good health. God is so good to us all. Adam, Faith I am sure this has been heavy for you guys to carry and I would imagine you are a little tired and emotionally drained. An army of people are praying for you, as well as for Gavin. We pray for your strength to increase, for you to grow with each other and for your faith and trust in God to be built up. Help each other and put your trust in our God and father, who is faithful.

Tim Walton

meowsermom said...

Faith, Adam,
Please do not put those "booties" on his feet. You know they will stunt his growth. I will send something in a more desirable color such as ORANGE!!
Kidding aside, I'm so excited for the good news. Gavin is such a trooper but he gets all his energy and encouragement from his family. Your family is very blessed - God is SO in control of this situation and it's excited to watch as He unveils parts of His plan for Gavin little by little. And it's excited to see how prayers EVERYWHERE are affecting others' lives as well. My prayer group at church look forward to every update you post!! They love the pics so keep 'em coming. We love you!

Dallas said...

I found Gavin's blog through Kristen O'Quinn. I am praying for him and his sweet parents. Thank you for the updates! Dallas Henderson