Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wednesday Update III - Good News

Just received some good news. Doctors and nurses discovered that there was a problem with the ventilator, which was causing the carbon dioxide level to be too high. They have switched out the ventilator and things are getting back to normal. Doctors are more satisified with what's happening now. God is good - keep praying!


justin & lauren moore said...

thank god!!

justin and lauren

erika said...


Hang in there guys. I know it's so hard, but try to take care of yourselves. When you're a bit more rested, you can handle things better - and you'll be able to handle Gavin better, too.

Do you have a portable radio and cds? Our nurses let us leave a radio in there with our favorite music, and we played it for Sammy when we weren't there with him. Poor kid heard Jack Johnson for like two days straight! Heh.

Also - Faith - if you're still pumping, remember that every little drop you get (it might not seem like a lot yet - but it will get there!) is yet another way you're helping Gavin. Once he can get food, you'll be giving him the best food there is! That's what got me through the times when I felt so helpless - at least I could express for him. Plus, if there's a separate pumping room, it was a place to get away from everything for a little while.

As always, call whenever. Hoping today is as uneventful as they come, and that all of you find some rest and calm.

Tim Walton said...

Our prayers to God are with you. Faith, Adam I know you are going through a lot, but find the peace that God offers, settle your souls by kbowing that Our Lord is there beside you and Gavin. May God bless you beyond your own understanding.

Tim Walton