Monday, June 01, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Pictures

I know I am behind on updating the blog, but here are some pictures from Memorial Day Weekend... The first pictures are from fishing at Aunt "Z" & Uncle "Wayne's" house.

This shot cracks me up! Adam catching a "huge" fish!

Gavin trying out the fishing...

On Memorial Day we pay tribute to our loved ones and those who died for us at war. Each year my mom puts together an arrangement and we place flowers on my paternal grandfathers grave. He was my first and only (so far) grandparent to loose. I wish Grandpa had the chance to meet Adam & Gavin, I think they would all be very fond of each other. Grandpa C passed away in 2000 and I will never forget him. His smile would capture you from across the room. He was always such a good sport, he would allow my sister and I to play "barber shop" with him. He would let us fix his hair (as you can tell our family members have a lot of hair, hence Gavin getting his first hair cut at 4 months old). We would ask him "which side would you like your hair to be combed to today?" He always had "Take me back to Tulsa" blaring on his radio and we would square dance around the living room while he sat in his chair and whistled. One of my favorite memories is me, my cousin L and my sister all fitting into his overalls. He always thought that was funny. He was a big man with an even bigger smile. We miss you Grandpa C!

Grandpa Joe & Gavin MD 2009
Gavin & Grandpa Joe MD 2007
Paying tribute to Great Grandpa C 20072009
Kisses from Mom & Dad 2009
MD 2007

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Kara said...

so cute! I cannot believe how much he has grown!
By the way--u look AMAZING! I cant even see ur baby belly!