Monday, May 04, 2009

Update from yesterday

Gavin's wbc was at 25,000...trying to figure out what is going on with him. They a a whole team of docs from infectious disease to dermatology looking at him. He is itching uncontrollably...he has bleeding and scabs and his eyes are swollen and red from scratching so much. They are giving him benadryl for that. They are weighing the pros and cons of taking out his central line, which may be a source of infection and putting in a pic line. Everything is up in the air, but all docs have assured me that they will get to the bottom of this.

Faith did say Gavin was in a better mood yesterday. Seemed a little more like himself. Keep the prayers going. Thank you so much!!! Mitzi


Abby said...

You are all in my prayers every day!!!

Kelly said...

I've been getting all the email updates and i'm so glad to be able to follow. Praying for you especially today. Pray little Gavin gets well and released soon.