Saturday, May 02, 2009

Evening update

Gavin was acting sluggish this morning and sleeping a lot. Faith was giving him his morning meds and felt his head and he was really hot. The nurse came in and Gavin had a fever of 103. She had the doctor come in. They checked his blood and urine. His sodium levels were lower than they were this morning. The doctor was concerned that Gavin could have a seizure very soon if they didn't give him sodium ASAP. They are pushing sodium through the IV all day. Gavin also vomitted again-they gave him his prilosec orally and he had been getting it through the IV. Both blood tests came back with elevated levels. So they are starting antibiotics now. They will not get results from cultures for another 48 hours. No bowel movements. The doctor also thinks the vomiting had to do with the low sodium and his brain was not liking it. Gavin's fever went down to 100.5 with tylenol, now it's back at 102.2 so they are going to alternate tylenol and motrin . He has also had an elevated heart rate from fever and pain. They said at the earliest he would get discharged to the hotel Monday and that's only if Gavin progresses. Please pray that Gavin gets over this soon! Mitzi


Blessed1 said...

Gosh I am sorry for this latest development...but thankful they are working to get Gavin feeling better...sometimes it seems like it is just one thing after another...but He will see you through - hang in there! Prayers for Gavin [and you all] do continue. Jer 29:11

April S. said...

Still praying for Gavin and family.

Karrah Jo said...

I know you have no idea who I am, but I'm addicted to updates on Gavin. Me and my daughter, Chloe, have prayed for the little guy every night that you have been in San Diego.

Tonight I will have everyone in my family pray for him because there is something to be said for strength in numbers.

I am positive that God will be watching over the Kuykendalls tonight. :)


Davis Family said...

Wow - we are still praying for you all. We are cheering for Gavin all the way from Calgary.

Cari Smith said...

Still praying