Thursday, February 14, 2008

This if for the Ladies....

Between a cry and a smile
"Hey Girl, how you doin"
Serious GQ pose
"You crack me up!"
The "I am so sweet and innocent look" ;)

Since Gavin didn't have time to send out Valentines to all his special blogger ladies he thought he would give them a shout out (and some special pictures of himself).... Grace, Adalie, Bronwyn, Abby.... Will you Be Mine? Gavin also wants to tell all the other special ladies in his life (family and friends) Happy Valentines Day, I love you all!

I thought I would do a 16 month post and a Valentine post all in one! Gavin turned 16 months yesterday (2-13-08)... He is officially walking and saying more words.


Anything Elmo

Bath time


Riding in his wagon (especially with mommy in there too, and daddy pulling!)


Cell phones

Closing the dishwasher after it is loaded

Attempting to help fold clothes (actually he unfolds them, but he thinks he is helping)


Favorite Foods (for the moment, it will change next week):








Chick-fil-a Chicken Nuggets


Apple Cinnamon Cherrios with milk!

Steamed Broccoli

And of course anything sweet!


Ba- Ball


Nana (with a strong hick accent)


Pa- PaPa, PePa

Mm-pa- Grandpa

Ta-Ta- Aunt Tara

Kiiii (with lots of spitting)- Aunt Kristen

Yawn- Uncle Jon



Mmmm- milk or more


Yun-Yin-Londyn (little girl at church, he has grown fond of)

We are working on all the other family member names, however they are a little bit harder!

On the last post, there was a poem left under the comments. Thought it was very cute and thoughtful. It needed to be a part of the Valentines Day post. Thanks 3-Pa!

[To Adam & Faith & the Baby Makes 3> a Valentine's card]

(Rocky My Hero)

I used to think this day was lame

Then months ago along came

This thing that made me hide my shame

Now my life can never be the same

Tis a boy, that's for sure

Everybody prayin for a cure

Valentine hearts

They're the symbol

Of the need

That makes this family tremble

With God's love, it's for sure

Adam and Faith will endure

It's by their witness, we all enjoy

The strength that's shown

By their little boy

If you were weak or lame

Rocky is not what I'd name

So, I'll not stand and whine

Will you humble me and be my Valentine




Anonymous said...

I think Gavin is the best look'n Valentine I have seen in a while.... Love the hair..


Anonymous said...

Oh Gavin,you are just to precious and SO cute! Grace got so excited to see your pictures. She was blowing you kisses and throwing you hugs. This is her new favorite thing to do, especially to the cute boys (especially her daddy).

Grace and her mommy

Paige Griffin said...

Those are the sweetest pictures ever. Happy Valentine to you Gavin! Hope to see you when baby Paxton is born!

Davis Family said...

Bronwyn throws a big "hey buddy" (she's a cool girl) back at you. Or she would if she could talk! She doesn't talk she just points and screams! Gavin you may want to think twice about sending her a valentine (she's spoiled).
All the best to you guys from the Davis family in Calgary.

Erin said...

Love the pics!!! Gavin is such a little ham and a ladies man! I love the cute V-Day shirt he is wearing. It looks so cute over his plaid shirt and with his jeans and awesome shoes. Jon loves those Pumas!! I loved reading the list of everything he is doing/liking at this stage in his life. He's doing so great!!! Oh, Uncle Jon feels honored that Gavin says his name. ;)

Kimberly said...

I love the poem and I do think Valentine's day is appropriate to think of Gavin when I see hearts! After all his is the most precious!
Thanks for the shot out! Those pictures are quite charming! I wish we could get them together to play...or watch Elmo!

Shannon Koeninger said...

So CUTE!!!