Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sammy and Cardiologist Appt.

Tomorrow (Thursday), Sammy (HLHS_see link on right of blog) is having his Pre-Fontan heart cath. Sammys mom Erika is the very first mom who contacted me after reading my old blog when I was pregnant and found out about Gavin's condition. She was also one of the first people I talked to right after giving birth to Gavin. She has prepared me for a lot of what we would experience. Sammy is about 10 months older than Gavin and so he is always a step ahead of Gavin in surgeries/caths. Please keep this family in your prayers!

Friday, Gavin had his cardio appt in OKC. The cardiologist said to prepare for Gavin's heart cath to be a year from now, and the heart surgery should follow shortly after. We have mixed feelings, we want it over but we are also excited that we have another full year without long term trips to OKC. So here is to a year of health for Gavin!


Anonymous said...

We will be Thinking of Sammy and his family during this time.

The Voss Family

Anonymous said...

We are praying for Sammy and his doctors. I can't get his link to work, but it might very well be our computer

Grace's Mommy!

Anonymous said...

[To Adam & Faith & the Baby Makes 3> a Valentine's card]

(Rocky My Hero)
I used to think this day was lame
Then months ago along came
This thing that made me hide my shame
Now my life can never be the same

Tis a boy, that's for sure
Everybody prayin for a cure
Valentine hearts
They're the symbol
Of the need
That makes this family tremble

With God's love, it's for sure
Adam and Faith will endure
It's by their witness, we all enjoy
The strength that's shown
By their little boy

If you were weak or lame
Rocky is not what I'd name
So, I'll not stand and whine
Will you humble me and be my Valentine