Thursday, January 31, 2008

That's right he is WALKING!

Gavin started officially walking, at all times, last Monday. We are so proud of him! He gets so excited when he walks that sometimes he starts running and face plants. He also likes to scream and clap once he has walked for awhile. Especially if you didn't notice him doing it! Gavin's home nurse/physical therapist are so proud of his big accomplishment. They also think he is very smart. We think so too! He sits long enough to watch the Elmo segment in Sesame Street, but after Elmo is off he wants nothing to do with it! He has formed a love for Elmo, he got the Pizza Elmo from his cousins in Arizona and he has two Elmo books. He got an Elmo bib from his Aunt Tara, but he just likes to look at it and scream Elmo at the top of his lungs. (It sounds more like EEEEEEEMO)

Gavin experienced his first encounter with snow today. I took him out long enough to take two pictures and then we were back inside. It was way to cold!!! He screamed when the snow was falling on his gloves and he was trying to put some in his mouth. He really enjoyed the snow.


Anonymous said...

What a big accomplishment! And, he looks so cute bundled up for the snow. I don't know what it is about Elmo that fascinates kids at that age, but it is very cute to watch them be so obsessed with a furry red creature.


Megan said...

That video is so cute. Congrats Gavin!

Erin said...

Precious pictures of Gavin in the snow!!! I also love the stories about his infatuation with Elmo. Too cute!