Sunday, January 13, 2008

15 Months Already???

Time flies... I say this a lot. I just can't get over how big my "baby" is getting!

Gavin's Favorites:


*Itsy Bitsy Spider

*Attempting to repeat everything you say

*Picking at my "moles"... he says mole and picks at it!


*Swinging his hand in the air when we sing songs in Church. He has watched the song leader do it, so he feels the need to do it too.

*His Daddy!!!

*His new "Pizza Elmo"

*His new wagon

*Cell Phones


*DVD player (which he has already broken from opening and closing it so many times)


*Purses (Adam doesn't like this one)

*Tickling other people

*Looking at belly buttons

*Bath time

Gavin's not-so-favorites:


*Getting his nose wiped (has had a runny nose for awhile)

*Diaper changes

*Clothing changes

*Riding in the car

*Getting his hair fixed (he wants to do it himself)

Gavin has such a sweet personality, he is learning more and more everyday. He loves to "talk" and watch other people. He really is a good baby and we are blessed to have him as our son!


Anonymous said...

I love the purse on the arm!! too cute..
It is so good to him look so good.
Thinking of you always.

Heart Hugs~~~
Drea & Hunter

Anonymous said...

He's getting so big!!! And still just as cute as ever!

Love, The Voss Family

Kimberly said...

I'm amazed that he is already 15 months, too! Gavin sound like such a ham and obviously brings joy to everyone he comes in contact with.

Megan said...

Faith, I love reading your updates on Gavin. It is so good that you will have this to look back on. He is growing so fast!

Max's Family said...

Max loves the itsy bitsy spider, too! He's so cute trying to do it. It is amazing how fast the time flies!

Anonymous said...

Gavin and Grandpa want to wish Mommy (Faith) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY (1/16/08). You are the best mommy a boy could have! We love you very much and hope you are having a wonderful day!!
Gavin & Grandpa

Anonymous said...

We left someone very special out on the last post Gavin. It was Nana and she feels the same way we do about Faith. She is the best Mommy in the world and has been the rock of the entire family. We all love you and wish you a wonderful day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAITH (MOMMY, WIFE, DAUGHTER, GRANDDAUGHTER & MUCH MORE)!!!!
Gavin, Adam, Grandpa & Nana, Aunt Kiki, Granny Barbara & Pepa, Grandma Elda and the rest of the Fam Damily.

Erin said...

I love the pics of Gavin! The first one shows him being a cute little ham, the purse ones are hilarious, and the one with his new wagon is adorable!!

I enjoyed reading his list of favorites. He has such a cute little personality. Give him hugs for me!!