Friday, July 20, 2007

We Believe!!!!!

For those of you who have not read Ethan Powell's website, PLEASE stop and take the time to click on his link (located to the right under Other Children who Need Your Prayers) He is a true MIRACLE, and reading his dads post from today brought tears to my eyes and gave me the chills! PRAISE GOD!!!

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Anonymous said...

I can relate to Ethan's Dad when he says his love for his son is like breathing itself. I feel the same for my grandson Gavin. My love for him is like breathing (for those in my family that may get jealous - it includes you too), I LOVE HIM AS OFTEN AS I TAKE A BREATH AND EVEN MORE! Without him, there is no need for me to breathe anymore. My heart goes out to all of the young children and their families that have to go through these health issues. Just know this, THAT EVERYONE OF YOU THAT TAKE THESE ISSUES ON LIKE YOU HAVE WILL BE MUCH MORE STRONGER IN YOUR CHRISTIAN WALK WITH CHRIST. God has special plans for all in these events of life and you are special to God for that. For some people, they have to have heros in life (like a super star athlete or famous movie star), but my heros are little ones like my grandson Gavin and those like him that take on their health issues head on! Never ever quit the fight and stay strong for me. I Love You - Adam, Faith and my little special buddy Gavin!

Grandpa Joe