Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blood Donations

**I added a picture because I am sure without it, this post may be skipped over ;)
Because a lot of people have been asking about giving blood, I decided to write a post about what you can do... No matter what your blood type, you can give blood in Gavin's name, and we will get the credit for it. Some of the credits have gone to Gavin's previous surgeries and we can use the others for his next surgery. Go out and give blood, they are in need! You can give it in Gavin's name and some one who needs it now will receive it! If you want our address/information for donating, email us!


Erin said...

LOVE the picture!!! I'll encourage as many people as I can to donate blood in Gavin's name!

*kt* said...

I LOVE this picture and it looks like he's feeling MUCH better! Do you go to Oklahoma to donate?

Heather said...

What an absolutely adorable picture!!!!! What a lil' stud!