Sunday, February 11, 2007

Step Down

Tonight we were moved to step down! Yay! Gavin has had a rough afternoon/evening... the docs have put him on methadone to ween him off the narcotics, they think he is addicted, which is very common in these babies (or any babies who have multiple surgeries). He still has the feeding tube in, he has refused every bottle today. He doesn't even want to be held right now because he is so jittery. It makes me sad that he screams even more when we try to hold him. Hopefully he will be better in the morning.

The heart baby I mentioned earlier past away shortly after I updated the blog. Please pray for his family that they have peace, comfort and support during this time.


Anonymous said...

Dear Faith, Adam and Gavin....I was just checking in on Gavin. I am glad to hear that he is improving and has "stepped down!" I will be praying that he starts taking his bottle so the feeding tube can be removed...I hope that mommy and daddy are doing okay.

I was so sad to read about the other heart baby...that breaks my heart. I can not imagine what the mother and daddy are going through. I will be keeping them in my thoughts also.

Praying and hoping for little Gavin to continue to progress. Hope that mommy and daddy are able to get a little rest. Thinking of all of you tonight.
Love, The Voss Family

tama said...

Adam and Faith, so thankful for the "Step Down" about Gavin. He will start to eat again with his bottle soon and that feeding tube can be removed...praying for that to happen! Keep up your own strength and take care, get some rest when possible!

So sad to hear about the other little baby, I know the parents have to got to be hurting so deeply at this time,we will keep them close to our hearts also! Can we send them a card?


Anonymous said...

Dear Faith, Adam and Gavin -
I am a friend of Ron & Sondra's, through the music industry, and just wanted to let you know my family - and my church (Hampton Park Baptist Church in Greenville, SC) - will be much in prayer for you. We will pray that Gavin will grow to be a strong and godly young man, and that his parents will have peace, and comfort knowing that the Lord has a wonderful plan for you all, as He says in Jeremiah 29:11. Please remember He loves you and wants more than anything for you to cling to Him. We will pray that as you "walk through the valley of the shadow of death," you truly will "fear no evil, for He is with you."

In His care,
The Leenmans
Greenville, SC