Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Update

Hello Adam here,

Please continuing praying for Gavin, Sunday was a rough night for Gavin, Faith and Joe (Faith's Father). The pharmacists came in this morning started Gavin on a schedule of Methadone to ween his addiction off of the narcotics. The physicians are monitoring Gavin continuously due to limited activity on his left side. If there is no improvement by today, then tomorrow they do a MRI to rule out a minor stroke. We believe and feel that the results will be normal after the MRI, and God will bless Gavin again in his healing process.


tama said...

Adam, thoughts and prayers are with you, Faith, Gavin and your families.


Betsy said...

I am praying for you all!

-Betsy Wagner-Gregory

Anonymous said...

We agree with you Adam...God is going to continue blessing Gavin! We love you!
xoxo The Montgomerys

Ethel said...

My Bible Study Ladies are praying for your sweet baby here in Canada.

Erin said...

As always, MANY prayers are being said for Gavin here in Tennessee. Many prayers are also being said for his sweet parents.

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Lots of prayers for little Gavin and his mommy and daddy!!!
Love, The Voss Family

Jen Norman said...

You are in my prayers

Max's Family said...

Faith and Adam,
We are praying for Gavin and for both of you.

Shannon said...

You are all in our prayers!

Kimberly said...

My mom said she saw you last night and told me all about how you guys are doing. OF course she also went on and on about how cute Gavin is!
I can't imagine how u guys are feeling and still remain so strong! You truly are an inspiration to us! We love you 2, and Gavin so much!
We are praying and thinking of you every day-I hope you feel wrapped in love even from far away.

Josette said...

I know I speak for Both familty when I say that our prayers are with you and your Family. May God Bless Gavin with his healing hands and get him through these tough times.

Philip & Jo Martin
Maudie & Jimmie Martin

Anonymous said...

You must have every state in the union praying for Gavin. Add Colorado to your list!!!! Carole Anderson (Jean Jones' friend)

Max's Family said...

I've thought of you so much today and you continue to be in my prayers. Kelly

Rick W. Ward said...

Gavin is certainly a fighter, we are praying for you constantly!

Lots of Love,
Rick, Tammy, Jaxon, Delaney and Baylor Ward