Monday, January 01, 2007

Gavins First Christmas Continued....

One on One Time with Auntie Erin

Gavin hanging out in his Overalls

Crazy Hair

Another one of those Famous Facial Expressions

Gavin's Great Grandpa Sam, showing off their matching overalls

Opening Gavin's presents

Yeah for diapers!!!

More presents...

Playing the gift card game, Adam got a Chili's card and a hatchet.... scary

Gavin resting and holding his nose in between festivities

Laying back in a daze

Gavin's cousin Camryn opening her gifts

Gavin's other cousins, Tyler and Carson opening their gifts

More presents for Gavin...

Daddy making a face.... Now we know where Gavin gets it from!

Mommy and Gavin hanging out...

4 Generations: Daddy, Gavin, Great Grandpa Belton and Papa Ron

Say Cheese!

Family Pic Gavin throwing his hands up

Gavin looking at his new toy

We had a great Christmas with Adams family, Gavin met family members and he received lots of love. Aunt Erin and Uncle Jon came all the way from Tennessee, they took lots of pictures at Mimi and Papas house, so we will post more pics soon!

Happy New Year!


Erin said...

It looks like you were busy today posting all of the fun pics from the week/weekend. As always, they made me all teary-eyed. I've cried so many times...last night, this morning, throughout the day today, this evening, etc. I already miss all of you SO MUCH!!!

Desiree said...

Faith and Adam! You guys are so precious. And Faith you look awesome as a mommy!

Erika said...

Oh man, babies in overalls really is the cutest thing ever.

Looks like you had a fantastic holiday! The sling is GREAT - we had one for Sammy. I still use it for extra support when I carry him on my hip.