Monday, December 25, 2006

Gavins First Christmas!

Cookies and Milk for Santa, Carrots for the Reindeer

Beautiful Eyes

Me and Daddy

Talking to Daddy

Playing with my New Snowman

Christmas at Nanas and Grandpas

Gavin upgraded to the Big Boy Pacifier

Frowning at Mommy- "Enough Pictures!"


Erin said...

LOVE the Christmas pictures!!! Was Gavin really naughty this year?
I'm glad Santa gave him "another chance". Ha Ha!

Narissa said...

He is so cute and I see his little (or big)personality through these pictures. Keep posting pics we love seeing him this way. Great seeing you on Sunday - Hope that
Gavin and Adam are up for the game on Monday and will don their OU outfits for the game.

Jennifer Norman said...

he is the most adorable little man ever!! May you all have a blessed holiday

JunieMcKinney said...

Gavin looks like he had the best 1st Christmas ever. You guys are great parents. Happy Holidays to you and you perfect family.

Anonymous said...

Gavin is so cute. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas. The Pope family is enjoying looking at the pictures. Megan thinks he is so cute. When can I come and see him? Can't wait to hold him Pam

Anonymous said...

i hope gavin gits bedr love megan