Sunday, October 21, 2007

Your Smile


Looking back at photos of the past year, all we see is smiles. You have been through so much in your short life however, you always smile. Your smile brightens our day and helps us to stay positive. Your smile lets us know there is hope. Your smile shows us that you are feeling good. Your smile makes the bad days good. Your smile lights up a room. Your smile is never ending. We love you Gavin and all your wonderful smiles!

Love you,

Mama and Dada

**Next post will be BIRTHDAY pictures, just waiting on pictures from other cameras, we didn't take very many with our camera, because we were very busy!


Erin said...

Waht a sweet, sweet post. Gavin's smiles and laughs melt my heart!

Anonymous said...

Gavin, your smile is amazing!!!

Faith & Adam....wishing you many more smiles!!!!!

Love, Mona Gayle & Family