Thursday, December 13, 2007

14 Months

Gavin is growing up so fast! He has become quite a mimic lately. Every thing we do he tries to do or say. Example:We have lots of hand sanitizer bottles/wipes laying around our house. In particular we have a rather large one we keep on the ottoman for a quick hand wash. Gavin has observed us "washing" our hands and started to do it himself. He goes up to the bottle (he can't reach it) acts like he pushes the dispenser and then begins to rub his hands together.

We have started really working on names with people. We have a picture book with family members/grandparents and we point and say their name. But in person I always put my hand on my chest and say "Mama". So Gavin puts his hands on his chest and says "Mama". I laugh every time he does it, so he has started doing it more often. We are working on correcting that, but oh well its too cute!

Weeks ago, Gavin was trying to pull the outlet covers out. I tried to remove him from it and distract him with something else, however, he always goes back. One day I had to tap his hand and tell him "no, we don't touch, that will hurt you". It didn't phase him at all. He went back to the outlet and took one hand and slapped the other and said "no, no". ;)

The other day Gavin was looking at a book and he just started laughing. Gavin has NEVER laughed much. He smiles a lot just no noise with it. It melted my heart to hear him laugh!

Gavin is IN LOVE with his Daddy. I do not exist when Adam gets home. So when Adam is at work I try to enjoy my cuddling time with Gavin.

Here are some pictures of Gavin when we attempted to get a family Christmas card picture. We have a cute one of himself we decided to use instead. Happy 14 months baby boy! We love you!
Starting to get mad...
Fists Clinched

"OK, now I am REALLY ticked!"

(I think Gavin's temper tantrum messed the camera up, we considered using this one if it wasn't so blurry!)

*Adam changed clothes during the photo session, hince the different shirts...*


Erin said...

You seriously should've used that last picture for Christmas cards. People would've gotten a huge kick out of seeing Gavin all sideways and screaming. What memories!!

I'm so impressed with all of his milestones, especially the laughing. I bet it makes you so happy to hear that! I love all of the stories about how he mimics. Too cute!!

Erin said...

By the way, did you cut your hair off?? If so, I LOVE IT!!!! It looks so trendy and fun and stylish! You are now an even hotter mama! :)

Megan said...

Your hair is adorable!!!
I love those pictures! What fun memories!

Jeana said...

Lurker...I have a 14 month old little boy also, he has started to throw fits like Gavin's make for a nice day, hee hee!!
Love the pics, and your hair is very cute!!

Davis Family said...

Gavin is living up to his name- we have a very active, curious, persistant Gavin of our own. Yeah for little boys!
Merry Christmas to your house.

Sarah said...

I love the pictures!! They are beautiful and hilarious at the same time!! I hope to meet you at the Heart Walk I am excited!! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I love the can be so stressful!

I love reading all of Gavin's milestones. The stories are so cute! Smiles and laughter are so wonderful!

Merry Christmas!

Love, Mona Gayle