Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday Morning Update II

Surgeon has finished the procedure with the chest tube. They drained about 2 oz of fluid off Gavin's lung and he immediately began breathing better. Surgeon says this is somewhat typical in these situations and Gavin will have these types of ups and downs for awhile; it's all part of the process. Surgeon did say that other than this, Gavin is continuing to improve and doing real well. Thanks for the continued prayers!


Burnettes said...

Hopefully just a bump in the road to recovery. Auntie Tara - you are an angel...thanks for the great updates....it means so much to those of us who feel so very helpless in this situation. Our prayers continue to flow for the precious family. Adam, Faith and Gavin we love you so much. Bruce and Karen

jon said...

I don't you guys, or the Hendleys, or Baby Max's family but reading your blogs has definetly strengthed my belief in the awesome power of prayer. People all over the world are praying earnestly for your children. Once you have kids and read of others situations like yourselves it causes ones heart to become entwined in your lives. May God continue to bless you beyond what you can even ask or imagine!!!

Tamara said...

Hey guys...we are still praying for you. I know days like these are stressful but I hope you feel the peace that comes from all the prayers still being offered. Hang in there.

Tamara, David and the boys