Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Our Little Pumpkin!

Faith here, Thank you all for your prayers today, it was a stressful day but we all got through it! Gavin opened his eyes and stared at us this evening, he looked like he was a lot happier! Gavin is getting blood tonight because his blood count was low, please pray that he continues to heal and we dont have anymore set backs! The nurse said that they will take him off the ventilator early tomorrow morning as long as everything goes well this evening, however they will leave the chest tube in to continue to drain his left lung if they need to. I was able to "lift" Gavin up today while they changed his bedding, so here are some pictures! Thanks again for your continued prayers!


justin & lauren moore said...

hey guys! gavin looks so cut with his pumkin hat on! I enjoyed spending time with you guys and meeting gavin. we will pray that all goes well tonight and that he gets his ventalator out tomarrow morning
justin and lauren

Tammy said...

What a cute little pumpkin! We love seeing the pictures. We just want you to know that we pray for all of you all the time.

Rick, Tammy, Jaxon, Delaney & Baylor

Kimberly said...

Gavin truly is BEAUTIFUL! I just love him! Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Know that we are praying hard! You are so strong and such an inspiration. We love that cute little pumpkin!

Erin said...

I was hoping we'd all get to see a picture of Gavin in his pumpkin hat. Thanks for the pics!!! He is looking better and better. I continue to pray that he makes steady improvements. I'm sorry you had to deal with another stressful day yesterday, but know that God is watching over you and comforting you. Give that sweet little pumpkin a kiss for me!!

Wright Family said...

Hello! I love the pumpkin hat, we did the same for Joshua except his hat made him look like a shriner!

We are praying for you guys a prayer for peace of mind and confidence of heart that Gavin will steadily improve. I know it seems that for every step forward there is a step back, but remember HE IS STEPPING FORWARD - GOD IS GOOD! Joshua had to have a second chest tube put in his right side after his second surgery for the same reason- trouble breathing.

We think of you constantly. Keep up your good work Mom and Dad! He is going to have quite a story to tell some day!

All our Love and Prayer!
God is GREAT! Laura Wright

Tim Walton said...

Sorry, I missed several postings, I’ve been out of town.. He is a good looking boy. I love the pictures, especially with mom and dad in them. Those are wonderful! We will keep praying and believing. You guys try to rest when you can, enjoy every moment with him and down let the set backs discourage you. It’s just the way things will be for a while, but you know he is in good hands and he sure seems to be a fighter so far.

God bless you all
Tim Walton

Narissa said...

oh, such a cute little "punkin" - Give him kisses and hugs for us - we can't wait to personally love on him! Always in our hearts and prayers.- Mike & Narissa

Burnettes said...

You guys made my day this AM. Having to deal with awful customers and competitiors - Gavin's pitures brought me back to what is important...just loving our families and cherishing every moment...Prayers will continue for you guys...thanks so much for keeping us updated...Love - Bruce and Karen

Davis Family said...

I don't normally do this - but here goes. I don't know you I stumbled on your blog looking for info on HLHS. My daughter Bronwyn has the same condition. She was born about 2 months ahead of your son. Oddly my older child is named Gavin too. Well Bronwyn had the norwood surgery and is home with us now - we have been home for about a month and she is doing great. We have been thrilled with her recovery and with all that God has done in our lives through this struggle.

May he continue to guide and bless you all as you head down a road that is crazy similar to the one we are on. I will add your son to our prayer list.

Roberta (I live in Calgary, Canada)