Saturday, October 28, 2006

Morning Update

This morning we received a phone call from the nurse. Gavin is back on the ventilator. He had a hard time breathing overnight. We were just in there holding him!! Please pray for Gavin. We know he will be a fighter as usual and hopefully he will have it out again soon.


Albert & Codie said...

Adam & Faith:

We are still praying for you and Gavin every day. The pictures are great - he's getting more and more beautiful every time we see new pictures. We are here for you if you need or down the road.

Codie & Albert

erika said...

As always, we're thinking of you guys.

Ryan, Stephanie, Megan and Mason said...

So good to see Gavin in your arms! I pray that you will have the peace and comfort in God's arms that Gavin has in yours. God is faithful. We continue to remember you in prayer and we would love to help however we can.