Friday, October 27, 2006

Gavin is off the Ventilator!!!!

Gavin is officially breathing on his own! We even got to hold him tonight for the first time since his surgery!! Adam held Gavin while they watched the world series together. Gavin needs to be completely weened off of the Dophamine before he is moved to the surgical unit. So hopefully by next week we will get to have a room for the three of us!! It will be fun to actually be is mom and change his diaper, feed him, hear him cry, give him baths, etc. If everything continues to go well, we could possibly be home by the first or secound week of November. Please say a prayer for some of our family friends who had a grandbaby (also had a heart condition) in the PICU with Gavin, she passed away this morning. She was born in July and has had a rough 3 months, but we know that she is resting peacefully in the arms of the Lord. Thank you for your continued prayers for Gavin, we are so blessed!

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Kimberly said...

You guys look like naturals holding him! You are already such wonderful parents, having been through such hard stuff. I can't wait for all the fun stuff to begin for you: baths, feedings, and I'm sure Adam will just love those dirty diapers so let him have the pleasure to change all of those! We continue to pray daily for you & Gavin! Thanks for keeping us informed and the adorable pictures!