Thursday, March 25, 2010

Our latest happenings...

So I have come to the conclusion that I am horrible at staying on top of this blogging! It's hard enough to remember to take pictures of the boys every day! Here's a run down of our latest happenings...

Gavin had his post-cath cardio appointment in the city at the beginning of March. Dr. O said overall his heart and lung function are "OK", he decided to increase one of his meds... bummer, we thought he was going to take him off! Gavin enjoyed putting stickers all over his arm as he waited for Dr. O.
On March 22nd Brody turned 5 months! He is currently trying out the baby food such as cereal, fruits and veggies. To say he loves it is an understatement. He would eat all day if we let him! He is about to pop out of his 6-12 month clothing! Brody rolls from back to tummy, tummy to back, scoots across the floor on his belly. He loves attention, toys, people talking and looking/reading books. Brody sleeps through the night and overall a very pleasant baby!

During spring break, we decided to venture out to the zoo because the weather was fabulous. Uh, crazy idea to say the least. IT WAS PACKED!!! On top of that I braved it and took my friends baby (that is 2 months younger than Brody) along with us. To my surprise, all three boys were well behaved and we had a great time!
These two are BFF, they are exactly
one month a part which is great
because moms are BFF too! ;)
Lincoln (6mos) & Brody (5mos)

My other BFF's baby and Brodys BFF too...Logan (3mos) & Brody

Gavin is loving school now and his teachers/director are the best! The director contacted me a few weeks ago about doing a fundraiser for the American Heart Association in honor of Gavin. I was touched by her kindness and couldn't believe it when she told me her idea. So tomorrow night his school is putting on a Parents Night Out. The kids get to enjoy a fun night at school and Safari Joe, with some wild life, will be there to entertain the kids! All donations will go to AHA! Most of the teachers and their families decided to walk in the heart walk with us, so the kids created a bulletin board with their footprints and names. It seriously brought tears to my eyes when I looked at the board. It says "Walking for Gavin". So to all the PALS teachers and Ms. Kelli, thank you so much for loving my son and supporting a great cause. We love you all!

And speaking of Gavin, he will have a minor outpatient surgery tomorrow (non-heart related). So please keep him in your prayers!


Kristen OQ said...

Loved the update. Scott has those same bibs that Brody had favorite is the one that says "Stud (and then has a picture of a muffin)."

Cute pictures!

michele said...

Loved this update! Our Hazel was born on October 21st -- your little guy the 22nd right? Hazel is rolling and scooting a bit too. They grow so fast. Right now she is VERY constipated from the cereal I think... she is usually a very happy baby, she just has some discomfort at the moment.
Your family is so cute!