Monday, January 11, 2010


Gavin @ 2 months
Brody @ 2 months

I am thinking the boys look nothing alike! Gavin had lots of dark hair, Brody has minimal red/blond hair. Gavin was a skinny baby, always in the negative percentile for his weight. Brody is a chubby baby, in the 93rd percentile for his weight. Gavin wore preemie clothes at this age, Brody is wearing 6 months clothing. Gavin loved to be in his bed and didn't like to be held much, Brody hates his bed and wants to be held and cuddled all the time! Gavin wasn't much of a cooer/talker/smiler (he is definitely making up for that now and we love it!), Brody cooes, smiles and laughs out loud. Gavin was/is a daddy's boy, and as of now Brody is definitely a mama's boy! Gavin loved his pacifier, Brody hates the pacifier! I know they say "don't compare your kids" but I just wanted to show how different they are... we are so blessed to have two wonderfully different and unique little boys!


Anonymous said...

Your boys are so sweet! Brody is growing cute just like his big bro! Brody and Gavin will be the best buds.! I think it's so fun watching my boys together! Brothers have the neatest little bond!

I loved the post about Gavin's first ever day of Preschool---I know how special that day was for you....just wait for summer sports! I tear up just watching D standing out there with all the other boys! Not everyone will understand just how special that is but it's pretty special! Not too long ago you and I couldn't even think these days would come....and how special they all are!

Hope Gavin is enjoying school! Can't wait to hear more updates!

Love, MG

Anonymous said...

This post made me want to cry! I am so blessed to have two amazing nephews! They are the two cutest boys I have ever seen! I miss them both!

Aunt Kiki

Kara said...

I love how chunky Brody is getting! So adorable!! I see some similarities but they def. have their own look.
Hope Gavin is having fun at school!

Anonymous said...

Your boys are absolutely adorable! We are friends with Gannon and Kate and are familiar with your story through them. Kate told me about your blog recently and after I saw this precious video I thought of you all. You can just copy paste this link in your browser to get to the video. It is truly touching, you may have already seen it, if not hope you enjoy it! -Lindsey

Mendi said...

Hi. I just found your blog through another HLHS blog. I have a 3 1/2 year old with HLHS. I clicked on your blog in the first place because my oldest son's name is Gavin -- and so I was drawn to the name. Then I noticed the name Brody. The funny thing is......those are my boys' names. Brody and Gavin (and spelled exactly that way). My Brody is the 3 1/2 year old (with HLHS) and Gavin is a 15 year old (with a healthy heart). It's exciting to see that your Gavin is doing so well. It gives me lots of hope for my Brody!!