Thursday, December 03, 2009

Update #3

Sleeping away after cath

Brother came to visit, Gavin was not feeling well at this point, very nauseated
(hence the pale skin & lips)

Feeling MUCH better!

Chocolate Ice Cream Mustache!!!
Gavin is doing great tonight, only threw up once right after procedure which is HUGE for him!! He is looking very PINK and we couldn't be more excited!


Davis Family said...

God's blessings on you all. I will pray for Gavin's continued success. Hope your way is smooth from this point out.

Anonymous said...

Glad that everything went well and the picture with the chocolate ice cream little man sure does look like a PINK little Gavin!

Love the sweet pic of your boys together!

Hope everything is going smooth today!

Lots of love and hugs to all!
The Voss Family

Erika said...

Oh my gosh - I didn't realize he was having a cath! He looks FABULOUS!!!! Pink, pink, pink! Wait until you see the incredible jump in energy. I'm so excited for you guys. I hope he's back to himself really soon. :-)