Thursday, November 05, 2009


Brody is two weeks old today! I can't believe it! I had my post-op appointment today and got a picture of Dr. N and Nurse F for Brody's baby book. Dr. N is a wonderful doctor and he was the first person to find Gavin's condition and sent us to the cardiologist that found Brody's VSD's.

Brody at 2 weeks:

*You love to be on your tummy.
*You love to keep mommy and daddy up all night.
*You love to grunt, cry and make any noise possible.
*You love to be held. (I think we have spoiled you in that area, especially since we didn't get to hold your big brother at all when he was your age, we are taking full advantage)
*You love to be swaddled, but you do not want your hands held down, you will do anything to get them out of the blanket and up against your face.
*You are a "tootin' machine" as big brother says!
*You are very strong, even the nurse in the hospital would tell us how much you liked to raise your head and look around. You have tried to roll over too!
*You are a big boy that loves to eat. You currently weigh 8lbs 15ounces.

Brody we are so blessed to have you in our family. We love you!

"I love to yawn!"
Our favorite nurse.. Nurse F and Brody
Dr. N and Brody


Sonia Lopez said...

Brody is sooo cute!!! I love those striped shirts! So happy that he doesn't need any surgery! That's great, Faith.

Davis Family said...

How sweet. God bless you all.

Stolen by Mullen said...

He is my doctor too!! Good to know that he has your recommendation! He is a nut!

Cari said...

Brody is adorable!

Max's Family said...

He is so adorable!!!