Friday, August 07, 2009

"Do you have to go potty, Do you have to go potty, Do you have to go potty?"

... a common phrase for the past 5 days. That's right, potty training is in FULL force at our house. I hesitated to post because I don't want to jinx myself, but I am pretty sure he has it down. Gavin has stayed dry at night, he has told us every time he has to go, and he has had FOUR bowel movements! We have had only 3 accidents in the past 5 days. 2 of the accidents were when he was playing and got distracted. The other was the one day I ventured out to get him a movie, and he wet himself due to the excitement of picking out "Madagascar 2" all by himself. He cried the entire way home, "I had an accident, I not proud of myself". Each time he pees/poops in the potty he gets rewarded with our never ending praises (We are so proud of you, you are such a big boy) and he gets a choice of smarties or gum. Gum is definitely his favorite, his other new big boy accomplishment, chewing gum without swallowing. We have purchased several pairs of underwear and the only kind that seem to stay on his lil' tooshie are the boxer briefs with the tight elastic on it. He's too skinny! The potty training has kind of come about just like the pacifier and big boy bed did, we just decided to do it and there is NO turning back! He has managed to adjust to all of the changes very well. Let's just pray he adjusts to his brother too! We are so proud of him and I am more than thrilled to not purchase diapers for at least 2 more months!


Kristen OQ said...

Good job Gavin (and Mom too!).

I am still wanting to see pics of the new house...pretty please!

Tammy said...

Awesome job. I am so impressed with you and Gavin.

Ryan, Laura and Grace said...

Way to go Gavin :)Gum is so fun! Just keep it out of your hair and off of your clothes! Grace has not mastered the gum chewing yet, as she still likes to swallow it. Sounds like you have lots to teach your brother. Can't wait to see pictures of you two together :)

Anonymous said...

Gavin I am so proud of you!!! I can't wait to see you! Love you bunches! Zee

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Is Gavin on diuretic's still? I can't seem to nail down when Jack is going to pee or not pee with him on Lasix twice a day. AND he is too skinny too! I can't find any little boy briefs to fit his 23lb body!!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Big Boy!!!!

Love, The Voss Family

Gavin's Mama said...


The cardiologist, just DC'd Gavin's Lasix!!!! He has been on it his entire life, always had swelling issues. But they took him off and he has been fine ever since. There was no way I was going to start til he was completely finished with it. We were changing diapers in the middle of the night still (less than a month ago) because of the Lasix. My grandmother found some
2T boxer briefs from Wal Mart that magically fit Gavin. They have a tight elastic band. All of the underwear I have found are 2T/3T and Gavin still wears 18 month pants/shorts. We even busted out some 12 month shorts yesterday because the diaper takes away some weight!

Do you know if they will take Jack off of Lasix anytime soon? Hang in there and good luck!!!