Thursday, August 27, 2009

Brody Update

Look at that smile!

I had my OB appointment today. Brody looks good and is cute as ever!! He has some big cheeks and what we refer to as the "butt chin"- a trait that is prominent on my dad's side of the family, which I, myself have. We tentatively scheduled my c-section for October 28th, arrive at the hospital at 6:15am. It could change depending on schedules/or how Brody is doing. Dr. N wants Brody to arrive as close to his due date as possible to prevent other issues, such as premature developed lungs. We are awaiting to hear back from the pediatric cardio thoracic surgeon here in town to set up a meeting with him. Dr. N suggested we meet with him to get our thoughts on having Brody's surgery (if needed) here. So we will not make any decisions on whether we will go to California and have Dr. Peter do it until we meet the surgeon here. Basically everything is up in the air until Brody's birth, he will have a fetal echo at birth to determine the next steps. Honestly, we are praying for a healed heart at birth and then we will not have to worry about making any decisions. The main thing is Brody is doing great right now and that's all that matters.


Anonymous said...

What a cute little guy!

Lots of Love, MG

Anonymous said...

He looks just like you!! Cute as ever!!! I can't wait to be a aunt/grandma again. haha!

Davis Family said...

We are also praying for complete healing! God bless you all!

The Curtis Family said...

Those pictures are amazing! You will all be in our prayers.


Suth-ern Mama said...

Maia's scheduled C-section / birth was done on October 29th of last year to insure that she would also be delivered into the hands of skilled pediatric cardiologists. So we will have a big reminder of your scheduled C-sec and prayers will be sent up then and the time leading up to it. We will be praying for a healed heart as well! Maia's continues to heal day by day and we are continually amazed by our Jehovah Rapha's healing touch! Blessings!

Jittabug522 said...

We are going through the same thing with our son. I am currently almost 19 weeks along. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!