Monday, July 06, 2009

June/July Picture Post

The first of June, Gavin was released from his non-fat diet... so what did we do?!? We celebrated with his favorite meal PEPPERONI PIZZA!!!

Auntie Kate joined the festivities...

Every Thursday night of the summer, a local mall/park features a band and anyone and everyone is welcome to come and have a picnic or just listen to music. We went with our wonderful friends, Devin, Kevin & their two girls Skylar & Londyn. We had a great time especially Gavin, he entertained us with his dancing skills.

Random pictures of Gavin from June:

The first of July was celebrated with cousin Cooper's birthday at Outback. Gavin loves his cousin Coop, he chatted him up during the entire dinner.
Our annual fourth of July celebration was a hit again. My parents always do a wonderful job at throwing a pool party. There was lots of swimming, volley ball tourney, "men's water competition"-consists of who can swim the fastest under water and pick up the most rings- it's pretty serious stuff, we keep a record book every year-makes the men feel macho I guess?!? We had lots of yummy food, three kinds of home made ice cream, and of course lots of fireworks. We wanted to be the best of the best so we all pitched in and bought a very expensive box of fireworks to shoot off, I have to say for the price, they were a bummer. The cul-de-sacs to the left and right of us definitely showed us up... maybe next year we will do better!

Kind of scary but Gavin is not afraid of anything, well except the Chick-fil-a cow and sand. The child loves water and loves fire. We could be in trouble!

Adam made his annual "fourth of July music mix" Gavin couldn't resist and had to bust a move in between fireworks. I think we have a dancer on our hands?!? Notice a pattern?


Suth-ern Mama said...

What fun it looks like Gavin has been having and he also appears to be a ladies' man by one of those shots! Too cute! I am so glad that Gavin is feeling back to his normal self! Praise God!

The Browns said...

Your little boy is so cute! We are expecting our first baby (a boy) late December/early January. We love the name "Gavin" too, but haven't decided on anything yet. Me & my husband have a hard time agreeing! God Bless :)