Friday, May 01, 2009

Chest tube is out!

Faith just called me and said that they have removed the chest tube and pacemaker wires. Everything except the central line that's giving him potassium. He's sedated and will probably sleep the rest of the day. They've also cut down on the frequency of taking his vital signs now, just every 6 hours. No decisions yet on discharging him to to the hotel. She asked Dr. Peter is he was concerned about the flu, and them flying home with that threat. He indicated that the media is making a bigger issue of the flu than it really is, and that he first just wants them to get out of the hospital.
We all remain grateful for your prayers and ask that they continue!!!Align Center Mitzi


Anonymous said...

This is Maudie and Jimmie. Prayers of THANKSGIVING to our God.
Thanks for the update. We loe you all. Love Jimmie and Maudie

Anonymous said...

Praise God!! Kaydence sends her hugs! As much as we talk about Gavin, we are going to have to get them together!!

Beth and Kaydence

Allison said...

We are so glad he's making such progress!!!
Good to hear!

Anonymous said...

this is Albert,Sr and wife Gigi
Albert's parents we are praying for speedy recovery.
Our Lord is Good all the time.